Master Keys MMA – Week 3: continued

3rd week – hmmmm, what can I share? How I haven’t watched TV in over a week? How I’m looking forward to my 15 minute sit rather than thinking of all the “work” I should be doing and feeling the time to sit and do nothing could be spent elsewhere? How I believe I’m finally getting to understand where we may be going with all this…..? All that and so much more.

I always thought I was good with words, reading and writing, but now I KNOW I am a visual learner. I’m better with pictures AND words. I’ve been creating grids and drawings of the information within the Master Keys to help me solidify the information to my understanding. This week I really had to get creative (below). END result, when I got to the Q&A it was a breeze.


Not only am I enjoying what this is doing to assist towards my DMP, I’m embracing what this is doing for my learning brain power – something I have not been stretching in quite some time. THANK YOU to Mark J & The FAB Davene for putting this together and allowing me to participate. MAHALO!

5 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 3: continued

  1. carriesmkmma

    Carolynn, I just love your picture. Visual is everything. I too find my old blueprint “poking” me in the side when I read my DMP. I am sooo much more aware of the nonsense I have been allowing myself to listen to. PS Great name!

    1. Carolynn Sokil

      Thank you Carol. Appreciate the comment. Not sure if my drawing is an accurate medical aspect – just what I thought it should be from how they described it. If it helps, I’m honoured!

  2. masterkeymastery

    I’m with you as well Carolynn on the drawing out the concepts however yours is much more elaborate than mine. Great job. It is great to push beyond gentle mental exercises to all out overhaul :-). Looking forward to the journey with you.


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