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The Compound Effect?

40 cents = a 1 with 50 zeros

Would this be an example of the Compound Effect? I will elaborate and allow you, as the reader, to decide.

We had just entered Walmart, my 8 year old son and I. Greg was heading with me down the aisle at the front of the store. As we walked towards the other end, we noticed, about 20 feet in front of us, a boy of about 6 and his younger sister, maybe 4 standing at the Key Game machine looking inside the window.  A lady was walking towards us, about 5 feet on the other side of the children. As she approached closer we heard her suggest to them to check in the metal dispensing door at the bottom of the machine, there should be a surprise. She stopped and pointed it out with the end of her cane.  The young boy bent down and opened up the little metal dispensing door and sure enough there were 4 super bouncy balls which rolled out.  As she walked away, the woman said to no one in particular, “I work here. I knew they would be there.”  What a kind hearted woman!

A quick flash to the last time we were in Walmart. Greg had played the same game and immediately (within 10 seconds or so) lost.  He wanted to play another time.  I suggested he consider whether he wanted to spend his money on something else he wanted or if he wanted to play the game again.  He chose to wait to see what else he wanted and we walked away. Obviously we had not read the fine print where it said “Everyone’s a winner” – right beside the metal dispensing door (about shin level towards the bottom of the machine). The bouncy balls were the prize one would win when their $1 coin did not dispense any of the key prizes from the game. Neither Greg nor I had realized this.

Greg stopped to watch as the little boy took out all 4 balls and pondered them. He chose one for himself, handed one to his sister and then proceeded to put the remaining 2 back in the machines dispensing door. Wow! What a kind and thoughtful act from a little boy. His mother called and off they ran with their prizes clutched tightly in their little fists.

I nudged Greg and suggested he too get a ball (seeing as he had spent a $1 the last time – it seemed reasonable). He was on his knees in a flash and had both balls in his hand. When he stood to leave, I asked him whether he wanted to take both or whether he thought he should do as the other little boy had, and only take what he needed for himself and leave the last one for another lucky person – maybe another child. He agreed and quickly put the 4th ball back. A coach-able kid!

The balance of the time in Walmart was spent with him bouncing the ball and seeing how high it could go – then having to run after it to get it, as it would just veer off in a different direction rather than straight back into his hand.  He took it to school the very next day.

A week later, we were on our way to Walmart again. Greg was in the car with a $1 coin ready to go. He had asked for 4 days to go play the Key Game. He had it all figured out. He was going to use his dollar to play the game.  He would try to win something from the window but if he did not, he would get the super bouncy ball.  He really wanted another bouncy ball.  He would also see if there were any extra inside the metal dispensing door as he told his friend at school that he would try and get him one.  I asked what had happened to the ball he had from the last visit?  It was on the roof of the school. One of his friends “bounced it so-oo00 hard it went all the way onto the roof.”

Since we have not seen his 2 soccer balls which went on the school roof last month, I surmised it was highly unlikely we would see a bouncy ball returned.

First stop inside the store – the Key Game. Greg tries his coin 3x and it just keeps coming back out.   There is no way to play.  The machine is out of order. He looks below, inside the metal dispending door – nothing! No balls to share with his friend.

He spent the next 15 minutes chatting about how his friend was going to be disappointed. I mentioned we could look around to see if we could find any. No luck.  Walmart did not sell super bouncy balls.

A few days went by. My husband was in the Dollar Store today (to purchase the magnifying glass and the compasses for the MKMMA course) and comes home with a package of 5 (that is FIVE) super bouncy balls for a $1.  That works out to…you guessed it….20 cents each.

Greg had just finished up his night time routine and popped into the office to say goodnight (we were on the Digital Connections call).  Walter held out the 5 balls cupped in his hand in the plastic package and asked which one would he like. His face lit up and he chose 1. He then asked whether he could choose another for his friend so he could give it to him tomorrow. Of course! He chose another.

Our child was inside himself with joy. He hugged his dad. Ran over to me and hugged me. (What did I do?) He then said he was “so thankful” so much so that it would be “a 1 with 50 zeros after it.”  Thoughtful and grateful! We are blessed.

40 cents = a 1 with 50 zeros

I return to my earlier question.  Would this be an example of the compound effect? I allow you to ponder and decide.

Enjoy your day. Be an observer. Be generous. Be kind. Greet the day with love in your heart!

Week 5 – Additional Post


Week 3 – Statement of Cause “The MKMMA has been formed to create the premium “self-discovery experience” worldwide for people to learn not only how to identify their Dharma [DMP], but also to find, manifest and follow their bliss….Harmony is based on members completing assignments on time, attitude, participation and constructive feedback.”

What is harmony?      Why did Mark & Davene request it?      Are we in harmony?

Week 1 – “This MKMMA course is a process of authentic self-discovery….Notice when you resist – that is the subconscious running your Old Blueprint.”

Week 2“The feeling of being overwhelmed is your subconscious telling you to quit…over-rule it! See, there are only 2 types of people who have started this process: The type who knows this is great material and these are great ideas, and will observe their subconscious telling them to quit and over-rule it…and the type who knows this is great material and these are great ideas, but will not observe the subconscious blue print that quits new and unfamiliar things – and will quit.

I believe (I know this is an opinion – my apologies – figured I was safe in a blog post) there may be a 3rd type of person. Someone who may not realize this is great material and does not agree that these are great ideas. They may kick and scream about having to do what they are asked to do. However they complete the assignments (even if done grudgingly).  They are not concerned about whether there is an old blue print they are listening to or not.  Everything seems off BUT they do not quit.  These people may be struggling with the entire process and although persevering, don’t see the vision.

Is this person in harmony?

Are their struggles just a louder call for greater help, more love and better understanding?

I will greet this day with love in my heart.” Og Mandino

The term harmony is typically used as it relates to music. For the purpose of what we are doing it may be considered one of the alternate definitions: an agreement; an accord; a harmonious relation. The only other definition which came close was for Communal harmony (as it refers to) the harmony that exists within a community or a group. The relationship between communities such as this is smooth and grows to greater heights if sustained well. Fear, suspicion and hatred should not be left to rule a community as this brings about communal disharmony.

After having read through a number of posts these past few weeks, having come across a few who may indeed be struggling, and others who admit to being overwhelmed, I decided to write a second post this week in the hopes some of my thoughts / words may inspire.

Please consider…..

  • This is a lot of information we are being thrown.  It may feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Or we may feel like we are back in school and it all seems daunting since it has been a really long time since we were in any type of formal education situation (I raise my hand here). Do not despair. Do not concentrate on how hard it is. Remember that is our old blue print talking.  Take a deep breath. Schedule your time (OATS) and then allow.  When you allow rather than concentrate on the challenge, the challenge may no longer appear….well, challenging!
  • We are being asked to make time to read 3x per day when some of us would struggle with once.  This was a tough one but the reality – I WAS reading daily – just not anything which bettered my mind or my inner world. What was really interesting was when I timed how long it took to read everything required and then considering how many hours are in a day! It really seemed reasonable once you look at actual numbers. 
  • We are reading words which may seem alien to us, may be odd or difficult to understand and in some cases the intent behind the words may be in conflict with our current belief system or human “hereditary” perspectives (memes I admit I am still struggling through reading the Law of Compensation. But hey, if reading this helps to provide me with even a scrap of what Mark & Davene have, I’m persevering through it.  All things make sense in the end…and if they don’t make sense yet, it’s not the end (twist on an old phrase). Join me in having faith and patience.  
  • We are being asked to dig deep into who we are and pull out what we believe to be our ‘dharma’ (DMP or Definite Major Purpose), write about it, read it constantly, connect with it and envision it in lights – when before today we may have been living quietly without thought to our future (other than what’s on tap for tomorrow or next week).  If you don’t get it right away or have to change it along the way…remember, that’s perfectly ok. It’s yours. No one else has this purpose. We are all unique and have something special to offer. Take time to find out what it is.   In the words of Deepak Chopra, “There are three components to the Law of Dharma.
    • The first component says that each of us is here to discover our true Self, to find out that we are spiritual beings, or divinity in disguise.
    • The second component of the Law of Dharma says that each of us has a unique talent that we are here to express. Our talent is so unique that no one else alive has that talent, or that expression of that talent. When we are expressing our unique talent – or more than one talent in many cases – we are happy, and we lose track of time.
    • The third component of the Law of Dharma says that we are here to serve our fellow human beings with our talent. By asking the question ‘How can I help all those with whom I come into contact?’ we combine the expression of our unique talent with service to humanity, and make full use of the Law of Dharma.”

In summary, Mark & Davene have created something which they believe (and many others, who have already been through the course with them, believe) will help us to grow as human “be”ings.  They are encouraging us to “be” more, by showing us a way to “be”come whatever is our greatest potential. (do-be-do-be-do – F.A. Sinatra)

In exchange they have asked us to be in Harmony with the process and with each other.

Enjoy the process. Rewrite that old blue print. And “be”come all that you will to “be”.

I will greet this day with love in my heart.” Og Mandino

Master Keys MMA – Week 5: Foundation Materials


This weeks’ read resonated a tad more than those prior. Years of studying architecture and working in the real estate field – the analogy was solidly received. foundation-conventional-lrIf either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we would study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our Mental Home, which is infinitely more important than any physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our Mental Home.” Thank you.

If we allow fear, worry, anxiety – negative thoughts (garbage) in – we end up with mildewed and rotten material taking a hold of our foundation. We end up spending oober amounts of time trying to repair, clean and fix what has already been received and used. scrap binDo not allow the garbage to even make it past the edge of the construction site.  When this stuff comes at us (gets delivered), sort it, and anything negative should be immediately thrown into the scrap bin.  Don’t use substandard material. Be the Quality Assurance Department of your own mind.

When we allow courage, optimism, love for ourselves and others – positive thoughts (grade A material) in – we are able to create a solid foundation, quality construction, pristine rooms, a skylight where more sun can filter through to our soul.  This is getting it right the first time round.  We do not have to rework or fix anything.

However, even with much due diligence the reality is we are bombarded with so much crap that the odd piece of it may sneak past the QA department.  Just because it seems small and inconsequential does not mean it is acceptable. It is still ‘garbage’ (inferior material) we cannot allow in.  We must constantly be on guard (recollection of week 2 when we read about our conscious mind being the watchman at the gate of our subconscious).

cleaning houseSo not only do we need to make sure quality materials are being used, we must make sure all the sub-standard material is rejected (thrown in the dumpster) and then on a daily basis, clean house. Run through, top to bottom, making sure everything is as it should be.

Once done, we are in a position to open our doors to opportunity and allow others to share in the warmth radiating from our hearth.

Remember to smile loudly!

Master Keys MMA – Week 4: Dot your “I”s and cross your….

“I can be what I will to be.”

emphatic spot

I can be what I will to be.

          I can be what I will to be.

                    I can be what I will to be.

The instructions are to repeat this phrase 20 times a day along with “Do it NOW!” What an amazing exercise!!  So where should the emphasis go? At the end of course!

These two phrases combined with the words from Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Week IV regarding “I”.  Well, send me BACK TO school! Everything just shifted!

When “I” learn to control myself “I” am able to find the World Within.

“I” is not the

  • personality traits you exhibit – they are the result of your former method of thinking
  • physical body – as that is the instrument for carrying out the purpose
  • mind itself – that is another instrument set up to think and reason and plan


  • gives us the power to “think”
  • gives feelings to our thoughts
  • creates
  • controls the body and mind
  • controls the World Within and therefore, ultimately controls the World Without
  • is where the Universal is able to express itself
  • has unlimited potential as long as “I” am being of service to the Universal

I can be what I will be to be, translates into “be”ing of service to the Universal.
And which bullet point was that? The end.

Thank you for smiling loudly along with me today!

Master Keys MMA – Week 3: continued

3rd week – hmmmm, what can I share? How I haven’t watched TV in over a week? How I’m looking forward to my 15 minute sit rather than thinking of all the “work” I should be doing and feeling the time to sit and do nothing could be spent elsewhere? How I believe I’m finally getting to understand where we may be going with all this…..? All that and so much more.

I always thought I was good with words, reading and writing, but now I KNOW I am a visual learner. I’m better with pictures AND words. I’ve been creating grids and drawings of the information within the Master Keys to help me solidify the information to my understanding. This week I really had to get creative (below). END result, when I got to the Q&A it was a breeze.


Not only am I enjoying what this is doing to assist towards my DMP, I’m embracing what this is doing for my learning brain power – something I have not been stretching in quite some time. THANK YOU to Mark J & The FAB Davene for putting this together and allowing me to participate. MAHALO!

Master Keys MMA – Week 3: Off to the races!

Read Scroll 1 aloud for my evening routine on Sunday – the first time without the ‘wills’ (other than the ‘free will’ on page 54). Wow – when reading it, it was so much easier to read ennn-thuuus-i-as-tiii-cally (hear Mark J saying it). Either getting rid of the ‘will’ did something to my subby or something kicked in for me….either way, freeing.

In addition to the above – I had a moment at the beginning where I was walking around my office being very energetic in my reading aloud when a thought went through my mind (old blue print). If my husband was home, and he was hearing me, he may comment on my annunciation. Not that he would be critical – just that he has training in speaking and he would want to help me, offering ways to increase my enthusiasm by choosing which word within a sentence should be emphasized. I then said to my subby (believing this was the correct reaction) ‘that’s nice but I’m doing this from my heart and in learning to do this, my subby will believe it if I AM DOING it from my gut’.

Then I realized this reaction was STILL my old blue print. I need to be able to accept guidance – as Mark J explained – accepting guidance and suggestions because they are given without malice. Whew! Sent this note to my husband to let him know when he gets home I am open to his guidance.

This in itself is HUGE for me. “My name is Carolynn, and I’m a control freak!” Yes I admit that I have always been rather ‘PAR-TI-CU-LAR’ (many may call this anal retentive). In the past it has been one of those things I just accepted about myself (for the most part) and worked on certain aspects only IF I have to. Things are different now!

I have so much work to do! And I’m up for the work because in the end the person I have become is who I was meant to be – my true potential.

Master Keys MMA – Week 2: ‘getting in the groove’

Thank goodness Mark J mentioned during week 2 webinar that if we are struggling with the time required to commit to this process, it’s our old blue print rearing its head. The new blue print must prevail. Woo Hoo!

Yes – it may seem like a lot but when you break it down, really? What would you DO to find out what it takes to change your life? Most people if asked, would say ‘whatever it takes’. But when it gets down to it….how many do? The reality of it is that we already have it. It is within us. It’s there. Ready for us to tap into. To hear. To work with.

This week made me remember a vision someone once put in my subby – it was of a radio (the old fashion turn knob radio we used to have in the cars – prior to the pre-programmed buttons). It’s like this….When you are listening to 99.9 FM that does not mean that 107.1 FM does not exist. It just means you are not LISTENING to that station. Once you turn the dial (adjust your listening ears) you can hear whatever is being broadcast from the other station. I see a sea of people sitting on a different plane to me, who just “get it” and they are all trying to explain what it’s like ‘over there’ where they are. Rather than trying to understand the words, I just have to have faith and turn the dial.

So many times this week I have heard Davene and Mark comment (in my head) that we need to trust them. Just do the exercises and we will see the results. Have faith. My old blue print is one of skepticism peppered with a ‘need to know NOW’ attitude. This week I have just done what they told me to do – having faith that all will become apparent to me in good time – when I am ready and able to accept and embrace the gifts being shared.

Thank you for allowing me to hear you.

Master Keys MMA – Week 1: Getting Started

Here we are in week 1 of MKMMA. Wooo Hooo!!!

Am supposed to write a blog – hmmm. Always wanted to write and share.  OK.  Am jumping in. Eyes squeezed shut. Nose pinched between thumb and index finger. Deep breath and hold.  1, 2, 3, GO!   Not sure the splash reached everyone but I KNOW I felt it.

Hoped on the MKMMA Week 1 webinar last evening from the lobby of the hotel where Big Al was speaking. Managed to stay on the webinar for just under an hour before we went in to listen to Al.  Got home and although the old blue print wanted me to “sleep” – I stayed awake, read the MK Part 1 and Scroll 1, did my 15 minutes and then slept.

Managed to revisit my DMP and get it worked into what I believe is a more logical series of events with feelings and financial aspects to exceed all expectations!! AND managed to get it down to exactly 400 words as requested! Walter (my partner in life, happiness pursuit and MKMMA) asked what that said about me – it being ‘exactly’ the # of words it was said not to exceed. I’d say this says I am “particular”. Others may call it “A R” but I’ll stick with “par-tic-u-lar”.

Have created a grid to understand the requirements (think better in a visual layout format compared to bullet points with words). Am organizing my days to ensure I don’t miss any of the required steps. Can’t be making that pound cake (Mark J refers to) with any missing or incorrect ingredients.

Will post this – see what happens and read more of the instructions tomorrow!

This is the first post of many! I look forward to my journey!