Master Keys MMA – Week 12 – A few things I’ve done “right”

I struggled with what to write about this week.  I started 6 separate times. Wrote a few sentences and then erased them.  Thank goodness for typing everything in word first!  

I usually compose my weekly blog on whatever happened to resonate with me over the course of the previous days.  This week however, I seemed to be concentrating on the challenges which had recently arose (most of my first 6 attempts were somehow related).

images (9)Once I decided to share some of the things I wrote on my index cards – a few of the things I’ve done ‘right’ in my life thus far – there was true resonance and no need to erase.

Most of what we are doing in the MK-MMA course relates back to creating a new blue print – writing over our old one and getting rid of the negative, replacing whatever we’ve been holding onto with a positive.  Rather than concentrating on what we’ve done wrong in our lives, this week we were asked to take stock of what we’ve done well!

We were tasked with remembering our successes, victories, things we had done “right” in our life thus far.  We were asked to see it, feel it, hear it, touch it, taste it…envision it as if it were right here and now. Then write down a few key words to remind us of each of these situations. We were to create a minimum of 30!

I am grateful to share a few of these memories:

HalleinSaltMineSlideSliding down the wooden shafts – Salt Caves, Saltzberg, Austria:  1996 – We were touring the underground salt mines, having travelled in a boat on the underground lake.  I remember touching the cave ceiling as we were floating along – feeling the grit of the salt rock. We were given an opportunity to go even farther into the mine, by sliding down the wooden shaft (used by the miners to quickly get from one level to the next). It was the best! And…as most rides go, it ended way too quickly.  I recall running back up the stairs with another couple who were visiting from Australia (there were a lot of stairs) to do it again.  It was exhilarating!

“Again” in sign language: .  We were in the Toronto airport. It was December 23rd. 2006 about 5 am. Our son was 18 months. He was dressed in a one piece PJ, white with red stripes. He was climbing and sliding on the play gym, which was conveniently located at our gate.  He kept going up and sliding down backwards on his belly (always our cautious adventurer). Each time he got to the bottom of the slide, he would use the hand sign (ASL) for “again” and do it all over again.  I do not recall how many times but it was quite a few! I am so grateful for having been introduced to this concept – teaching our son sign language when he was 6 months old.  It was a blessing which saw us all the way through to his talking years!

Jeanne with C&GKnowing & Hugging Jeanne Cooper:  I was not someone who watched day time soaps – that is until the summer of 2008. When I first met my husband he introduced me to Jeanne Cooper who played Katherine Chancellor on “The Young & the Restless” (Y&R). They had met years prior, when he had booked her for an event in Toronto, becoming fast friends.  She had been asking Walter to come down to LA for years when we finally decided to go.  I had never been to LA and wanted to do something different for 08.08.08 (my favourite number). Since we were scheduled to meet her on the set – we watched the show every day for 2 weeks before flying down so I could get a feel for who was who. I found it fascinating that my husband knew so much…but gave him a pass when he explained his parents had watched it faithfully for the 35+ years it had been on the air.  We not only visited the set but had an opportunity to visit Jeanne at her home, meeting her son Corbin Bersen. We visited her again 2 years later and were welcomed back into her home just before the Christmas holiday season. We brought her a basket filled with Canadian maple syrup items (something she loved) which she promptly said she would share with the grandchildren.  She admired our Santa hats so much I left her with mine.  We spoke many times over the years and shared many stories. Jeanne was an amazing woman who touched millions of hearts and I had the honour of knowing and hugging her!

Shaving my hair off for RMH Toronto – raising over $3,000 personally:  I get ideas. This was one of them. Early 2011 I was sitting at an international training convention…thinking I wanted to donate more to the Ronald McDonald House Charity (our MLM’s charity of choice)…when I decided that I would grow my hair, shave it off and raise more money than I could donate myself.  6 months later I had my hair shaved off at the first Toronto National Event.  We raised a total of $15,000 that weekend!  RMH Toronto was scheduled to open their new house a few months after that event – and we were a part of making it possible.  RMH Toronto is the largest Ronald McDonald House in the world. 

sunsetPainting Jamaican Sunset & Gifting It: Coincidentally a week after I shaved my hair, during one of my morning meditations, I asked the Universe to show me my dharma…what was I supposed to do? A week later I picked up a paint brush. I have drawn since I could hold a pencil…but colour…uh uh! I did not see in colour. I did not paint.  Turns out I was wrong (go figure!).  I did see in colour and I was able to paint.  I was given a gift.  My husband and I had renewed our vows for our 5th anniversary in Jamaica. He had captured the most wonderful sunset shot. My 3rd canvas was of this special moment. I gave the painting to the couple who were our witnesses. They had met at that same resort and got married on the beach the year after we renewed. When they opened my house warming gift – they both recognized the sun set, the spot on the beach and he even recognized the tree!  A wonderful feeling of warmth runs through me when I think of this.

In our instructions for these cards, we were also requested to include 2 for each of our affirmations.  I added a few interesting ones which felt like they fit.  I was reading my cards aloud this morning, flipping through, recalling each applicable feeling, sight, sound…when my 8-1/2 year old came in to say good morning and asked for a cuddle.  He climbed on my lap (something I cherish as I know it will not last forever) and I decided to continue on with routine. I explained the purpose and what the cards represented.  The 2nd card I turned over from my pile said “Here! Now!”  How absolutely perfect!

the green check mark


Thank you for allowing me to share!


Greg for Christmas



PS: Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!!  A holiday shot of our “little man”.



13 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 12 – A few things I’ve done “right”

  1. David Evans

    Carolynn, I love how you’ve enmeshed the idea of overwriting the unfortunate part of our past but preserving the best of what we’ve done and who we are. You’ve definitely embodied well Haanel’s thought that we are all we need to be. Thank you!

  2. Heather Plude

    Absolutely inspiring. I loved reading about these special moments and especially liked the painting. You are one talented lady. Thanks for the Christmas card. :) BTW- I miss you… our mastermind moments are important. Talk to you after vacation!!


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