Master Keys MMA – Week 6: More of the Compound Effect

Whew! Can you see the beads of sweat flying?

It has been an interesting week.  I typically use the word “interesting” to describe something I’m not sure how to describe. This way I’m fairly safe as it is not necessarily considered either a positive or negative verb – the word just IS.   I especially like to use this when my opinion is asked on something I’m not too sure about.

egoI started out questioning whether all “this” was having any effect on me as yet; wondering if I was going to have a ‘break through’ like others were commenting they were having. Obviously this was my ego talking, wanting confirmation of the work being done, but then again….hey, I have not rid myself of all my foibles as yet.

I then realized “the compound effect” had indeed come into play. Please feel free to read my previous post if you have not already done so.

For those of you not familiar with “The Compound Effect” – the basic premise is that a small thing, done consistently, eventually makes a big impact.  The example is of taking a penny and doubling it each day for 31 days – it becomes $10 million +.  As an aside: When I first heard this example I entered it into excel just to make sure!

canadian-penniesAs you can imagine starting with a penny this process does not amount to much at the beginning. On day 15 (1/2 way through the month) it is still only at $163.84.   It is not until around day 20, when it hits over $5,000, that things start to look really “interesting”.  Leaps and bounds – considering it grows from $5K to $10million in 11 days.

Most people don’t see the changes right away (I didn’t).  It is gradual (just like the penny example). Similar to what Mark & Davene have commented on….we are now picking up momentum.

3 things happened this week.

The first was my ability to be more observant and less opinionated. My prior post speaks about an exchange with my son and his desire for bouncy balls.  A number of people’s small actions culminated in a little boy being overjoyed with 40 cents worth of bouncy balls.

The second was my handling the email challenges when we switched our hosting site.  I have (historically) not always been the most patient of souls.  The joke is that I always ask God/The Universe/Our Source to “Please, give me patience….NOW!”  However, Tuesday evening I managed to sit on an online chat for over an hour and a half. English was not the technician’s first language and my technical understanding is about a tenth of his ability in English.  We did not get anything resolved BUT I managed to work through it without anyone having to end up in triage.

wrestleMy husband, who normally is considered our IT department, complimented me on my getting through this in the manner I did.  I accepted the compliment (as per point 2 on the Law of Giving / Receiving card) graciously.  However, I then asked for confirmation of how much I had improved. He pointed out this was my ego again and we had to wrestle her down to the ground.  1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!  Out!

The third and last action was my choosing to reevaluate how we are dealing with our puppy training.  I realized I was getting stressed out with all the (minor) things she was doing – constantly correcting her. She was getting agitated as she wishes to please and obtain praise. So here we were both distressed.  Not a good place to be.  Why not just “allow” her to be the good puppy she is. If what she is doing is not going to create a catastrophe, do I really need to be stressing out over it? No.  Since I made this observation and started to allow her to be the best, and I was being the best, we have had fewer things to correct.  Amazing!

I greet this day with love in my heart! I remind myself that I am loved. I give love to everyone else (including the puppy!). Enjoy your self-discovery. I am.

13 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 6: More of the Compound Effect

  1. Cyndria Coaty

    Hi Carolynn, Thank you for your post. You had three great accomplishments this past week that showed how this training is developing in your life. That is amazing progress. I am finding that my ‘subby’ is releasing the ‘old blueprint’ too, and it most definitely feels great!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Hi Cyndria – what a wonderfully unique name. So pretty. Love the process. The more struggles I encounter I realize it’s the old blueprint trying to maintain it’s position. Out you scoundrel, out!

  2. Delaine Keith

    I love the reminder that when we allow the good to just “be” it IS! I for one am a little too prone to be looking for things that are “wrong” so I can fix them. I hadn’t thought about not expressing opinions having freed me from that, but it has! Thanks for the awareness!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Christine. I’m glad you enjoyed. We are learning so much in this course. It is not necessarily about what we read but it is about what resonates and responds within us from what we read. I wish you much success. Remember to keep in mind that success is achieving whatever one chooses to set their mind to. Nothing more. Nothing less. Therefore we can all be successful. Cheers! Carolynn

  3. Kathy Zimmer

    The compound puppy effect….love it.
    Your awareness is being raised to the small results springing up around you.
    They will continue to compound as you keep moving forward….

    Loved your blog!
    All the best on your journey,


  4. Diane Parker

    Hi Carolynn, thank you for your comment and link to a picture of the mountains. Coincidentally that exact picture is from my community….Echota. I’m continuing to find my way around the WordPress website, still struggling with posting pictures, but just happy that I can post the blog! Talk about a new reality! If you had told me 3 months ago I’d be blogging and tweeting I’d tell you NO WAY! Now here I am blogging and tweeting! All the best for continued growth on this journey!

  5. Christine Sutherland

    You know Carolynn, I think that the changes that occur while we’re not looking, are the best ones :-) If we’re actually “trying” to change, we can kid ourselves that anything significant is occurring. You’ve had a great week, and I appreciate your sharing your vulnerabilities and your victories.


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