Master Keys MMA – Week 9: Received a Gift – THANK YOU!

OMG…I received a gift!  Thank you!                                                                                   11.27.13

Just before commencing my this evening’s routine I decided to spend a few moments drinking in the feelings of my vision “movie poster” board.

While concentrating on the board I started to really feel what it would be like…the feeling of joy living in Costa Rica, the feeling I get when my heart skips while seeing myself remarrying Walter in Kauai next May for our 10th anniversary, the feeling of awe and gratitude for the exponentially growth of our business and the FEELING of being a mom to two phenomenal children.

I had added a few extra items on my board yesterday morning including the word FOCUS in the top left corner, close to my Liberty Blue Rectangle and our family caricature.

Movie Poster Board smallI had found a cartoon drawing of a “family of 4” (thanks to Google search images) which I tweaked in Photoshop to be more of a likeness to our family – everyone’s eye colour had to be adjusted, the father/husband lost all the hair from the original, his jaw line was changed, everyone else had their hair colour altered, and then the little girl’s skin tone was darkened. I added the dog caricature of our Belgian Malinois (can you believe they actually had such a thing on line?). 

The finished product was what our family looks like (once we adopt our daughter, Greg’s little sister).

I looked at the photo of the Costa Rican child – realizing this may not be her but she looks a lot like her (in my mind). I then said her name (the one Walter and I had picked 9 years ago if our child was a girl) – Sasha.  Immediately I heard a voice say “No, Serafina.” (no one else in the room – and not sure it was my voice….)

Where did that come from?

I don’t even know anyone with that name.

Can’t imagine I read it anywhere – it’s not in the Master Key or the Scrolls which is mostly all that I ingest right now.

So, where DID the name come from?

I decided to open my lap top and see what the name Serafina meant.

Please, allow me to digress for a moment.  Almost 12 years ago, a close friend of mine saw a picture of my husband and I (from a company Christmas party only a few months after we met). She commented that Walter looked like he “had died and gone to heaven”. When I repeated this to him, he said “Yes, but I did not have to go to heaven to meet my angel.”  From that day forward he lovingly said “Good Morning Angel” every day whether it was on the phone, by text or in person – he did not miss a day (nor has he since!).  6 months after we were married I became pregnant with our son Gregory – our blessing.  Walter then said “Good Morning Angels” each morning.  That’s when he received his nickname of Charlie.  Our son is 8 and we all go through the routine each morning – “Good Morning Angels” to us from Walter and “Good Morning Charlie” back from us.

Now back to the meaning of Serafina.

Serafina – Derived from the Hebrew sĕrāphīm (burning ones), a name used in the Bible for the heavenly winged angels surrounding the throne of God.

This is our daughter!

I immediately sent my husband an email (as he was doing his routine in another part of the house and I did not wish to delay sharing my gift). I completed my routine with a warm glow humming throughout my body.  When I said “I greet this day with love in my heart” it was FELT. The last thing we do before going to bed is and kiss our son goodnight.  Tonight I let his dog in to sleep on the bottom bunk, leaned over the top bunk (saying thank you as tonight he was close enough to reach), softly kissed his forehead and then whispered “Your little sister’s name is Serafina.”

I am blessed. Receipt of this has touched me to my inner core.

My husband and I rejoined each other shortly thereafter. I shared.  As soon as I said Serafina – he said that means “Angel”. There is a line in one of the songs at church about the Seraphim – the angels surrounding God’s throne. Since I’ve only been in the Greek Orthodox church 4 times in 12 years and they mostly sing in Ukranian, we agreed that the chances of me having heard, AND remembered this, was slim.

I repeated..This is our daughter’s name.  He replied, yes!

All things as they are meant to be. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 9: Received a Gift – THANK YOU!

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    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Heather! Charlie had 3 angels did he not? It seems fitting that we have our daughter join us! What Greg and Serafina will do with this world is breathtaking! Cheers!

  2. Christine Haines

    Carolynn, that is such an amazing story, I think I would have been feeling surreal if it happened to me. It’s what Mark says gives him goosies. It’s amazing what happens in our subby when concentrated focus is applied. Now Mark says the subconscious never forgets anything, so whether or not it took something in about the meaning of seraphim or not from Church or elsewhere, what matters is that it has tied the significance of your daily routine to the naming of your future daughter – which must be in the ‘ wings’. That demonstrates the true incredulity of our sub-conscious. Beautiful.

  3. David Eggers

    So cool! To receive a message like that…it means you’re in the flow! You are open to the methods, the messages – you are a receiver! And you’re allowing it to come thru you. I look forward to the realization of all of your dreams ahead!

  4. Michelle Mangrum

    Beautiful story! You had me in tears. I LOVE when the “deep down in your heart” emotions kick in. Such a wonderful and warm feeling.

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