Master Keys MMA – Week 8: True North

What is my true North?north

When I read about Able Tsang and her compass tattoo I was overwhelmed with joy at being part of this journey so many of us are on.  I read the blogs each week but this week when I read each Press Release from my mini-Master Mind Alliance I realized the impact we are making on this world.

We are all trying to make the world a better place. In most cases it is our family, our immediate loved ones first.  However, coming in a very close second, we are reaching out to and sharing with others – making their lives better in the process.

What is my true North?

My loves – my husband, my son, our daughter – are paramount for me.  I see my husband stride across the stage, turn towards the 20,000+ in the arena and share the journey we’ve been on to accomplish what we have for ourselves and others. His story inspires.  I see him sitting at the piano in our home in Costa Rica – playing by candle light – the sound of the music he creates floating outwards on the ocean breeze.  I see my son, working beside us as we build the school in the village we sponsor.  His smile permeates his very being. His song (as there is always music on his lips) being hummed for no one else but his own soul.  I see him grown (many years from now), married to the woman of his dreams. She turns to me (at some point) and says “Thank you!”  I see our family expanded by the blessing of adopting our daughter in Costa Rica. She and I are bonded in a way no one else can understand but everyone can readily feel when in our presence.  We are meant to be!

I see unlimited love, expanding beyond measure – reaching farther than my singular imagination could ever perceive.

What is my true North?

It is having belief in myself. Believing the power IS within me. That everything we read and learn about in this course is real. My true North is seeing my family…really SEEING my family and all that we imagine. Accepting my chosen reality; allowing it to flow within me; be sent out to the universe; and received back with gracious appreciation.

Muchas Gracias!

12 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 8: True North

  1. Diane Parker

    Hi Carolynn, I was so intrigued by your Week 8 blog. You are lliving in Costa Rica now? My husband and I have travelled to Costa Rica three times and hope we have another opportunity soon. I can really feel the honesty and passion in your words and that is exciting. I am very happy for you and your family.

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Hi Diane, I am pleased my words ring strong and true. They are my imagination working at full throttle as the course requires. Please feel free to keep in touch as we will be opening a piano bar in the south western coastal region of Palma Sur. First drink is on the house! If you sing or play (to the happiness of the patrons) more can be accommodated! LOL. Cheers, Carolynn

  2. Able Tsang

    Carolynn! Your post brought me to tears. You have crafted so beautifully into words, a depth that I can’t really explain. I feel like I am feeling the things you are describing. Really SEEING people. Connecting with people in ways that are hard to describe but easy to feel. I guess one might say I am speechless!! Soar on :-D. Muchas Gracias!

  3. Christine Haines

    Wow Carolynn, that was so beautiful to read – not only did I FEEL your scenes with you, but your BELIEF came through loud and strong. It also takes me back to our webinars and readings because they are so impactful. That is why we KNOW we are being given a lit path to follow through the most incredible generosity and vision of Mark and Davene as they empower us to do the same for others whose lives we have the privilege to touch. To your true North! (Out of co-incidence, my compass arrived in the post today!)

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Christine for your kind words. I’m pleased you felt what I was conveying. Helps when you write solely from the heart without ‘thinking’ it through. Mark and Davene’s guidance is a very well lit path for sure! Congrats on receiving your compass….now you can tell me about your ‘true North’. Blessings!

  4. David Eggers

    So fantastic, so powerful! I love how clearly you can see your future life, as if it is happening already, and well you describe it! Thank you for opening your heart & dreams to all! May it be so!!!


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