Master Keys MMA – Week 2: ‘getting in the groove’

Thank goodness Mark J mentioned during week 2 webinar that if we are struggling with the time required to commit to this process, it’s our old blue print rearing its head. The new blue print must prevail. Woo Hoo!

Yes – it may seem like a lot but when you break it down, really? What would you DO to find out what it takes to change your life? Most people if asked, would say ‘whatever it takes’. But when it gets down to it….how many do? The reality of it is that we already have it. It is within us. It’s there. Ready for us to tap into. To hear. To work with.

This week made me remember a vision someone once put in my subby – it was of a radio (the old fashion turn knob radio we used to have in the cars – prior to the pre-programmed buttons). It’s like this….When you are listening to 99.9 FM that does not mean that 107.1 FM does not exist. It just means you are not LISTENING to that station. Once you turn the dial (adjust your listening ears) you can hear whatever is being broadcast from the other station. I see a sea of people sitting on a different plane to me, who just “get it” and they are all trying to explain what it’s like ‘over there’ where they are. Rather than trying to understand the words, I just have to have faith and turn the dial.

So many times this week I have heard Davene and Mark comment (in my head) that we need to trust them. Just do the exercises and we will see the results. Have faith. My old blue print is one of skepticism peppered with a ‘need to know NOW’ attitude. This week I have just done what they told me to do – having faith that all will become apparent to me in good time – when I am ready and able to accept and embrace the gifts being shared.

Thank you for allowing me to hear you.

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