Master Keys MMA – Week 1: Getting Started

Here we are in week 1 of MKMMA. Wooo Hooo!!!

Am supposed to write a blog – hmmm. Always wanted to write and share.  OK.  Am jumping in. Eyes squeezed shut. Nose pinched between thumb and index finger. Deep breath and hold.  1, 2, 3, GO!   Not sure the splash reached everyone but I KNOW I felt it.

Hoped on the MKMMA Week 1 webinar last evening from the lobby of the hotel where Big Al was speaking. Managed to stay on the webinar for just under an hour before we went in to listen to Al.  Got home and although the old blue print wanted me to “sleep” – I stayed awake, read the MK Part 1 and Scroll 1, did my 15 minutes and then slept.

Managed to revisit my DMP and get it worked into what I believe is a more logical series of events with feelings and financial aspects to exceed all expectations!! AND managed to get it down to exactly 400 words as requested! Walter (my partner in life, happiness pursuit and MKMMA) asked what that said about me – it being ‘exactly’ the # of words it was said not to exceed. I’d say this says I am “particular”. Others may call it “A R” but I’ll stick with “par-tic-u-lar”.

Have created a grid to understand the requirements (think better in a visual layout format compared to bullet points with words). Am organizing my days to ensure I don’t miss any of the required steps. Can’t be making that pound cake (Mark J refers to) with any missing or incorrect ingredients.

Will post this – see what happens and read more of the instructions tomorrow!

This is the first post of many! I look forward to my journey!

3 thoughts on “Master Keys MMA – Week 1: Getting Started

  1. Marea Adejuwon

    Carolynn, Oh, the distances your journey has taken you since 2013! It’s always amazing to go back and see where we started at the beginning. So timid, yet trusting. Bravo for completing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course! Two thumbs up for becoming a Certified Guide too!! High five for sitting in as a Digital Diva to make the Digital Connections segment about how to blog beneficial to all levels of users!!! It’s an honor to know you, and a blessing to be your friend. I’m excited to watch your life’s purpose turn into a reality as you now prepare for the move to Costa Rica. May the Master Key continue to unlock doors haphazardly placed along your Hero’s Journey! — Love, Marea

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Wow! Gracias Marea. Your kindness and support throughout this process has been one I will certainly cherish for many years to come. You are my Digital Diva guru and a blessing to me. Again…Gracias! Love you too!

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