Week 13 – I’m still thinking about it!

Please join me.


I have found each week, when reading the latest installment of Haanel’s Master Keys Mastermind Alliance, it takes me till at least the 3rd day to have an inkling of what he is trying to get across.  I’ve tried reading and re-reading it within each sit and even then it may still not make much sense.  Sometimes I read it and think one thing and then by mid week I’m surprised…it’s almost like I’m reading something totally different from the days before. Weird. Or I’ll read it and think to myself…did I really read that x# of times already…where was I? 

Anyone else experience anything along this line?? I encourage you to share.

The quote at the end of this week’s read begged for me to decipher the desire Franklin requesting in his words:

Increase in me that wisdom
Which discovers my truest interest

I believe I would be asking for the ability (wisdom) to recognize my dharma (my truest interest) – what I am supposed to do with my life.

Not such an easy request. I’m sure you agree…?

It was Thursday – the day after Christmas. I had just finished making turkey soup when I notice my neighbor, Nicole, was just finishing up shoveling the most recent snow from her drive. I slipped on my boots, walked over and asked her whether she would like to join us for turkey soup. She turned to me and said she would love to, giving me a big hug (Wow, did not expect that but very gratefully received it!).

During our discussion over soup and dessert we spoke about what her kids were up to. Nicole filled me in on some of their escapades into the working world but confided they had not made any definite plans as yet.  The 23 year old daughter had gone to school to become a nurse but quickly realized that this was not her calling. Her son was currently bussing tables but was thinking he may want to get into HVAC – still not sure yet.

This got me to wonder….How ARE we supposed to understand what our “truest interest” is? Especially at the age of 18-19 when we are just finishing with traditional school? Is this why so many of us go to university or on the flip side, get the first job which arises in our area?

Nicole and I agreed this process is a tough one to figure out. What WE had thought when we were 18 and 19 compared to what we think now are two totally different things.  How is anyone supposed to know?

Franklin suggests we ask for the guidance and the wisdom to discover this for ourselves!

Now…the 2nd part of Franklin’s quote:

Strengthen my resolution
To perform that which wisdom dictates.

Assuming we have figured out the first part, we now need to “Do it!”  So in reading this portion of Franklins words, I now ask for the strength and determination (resolution) to do whatever it is I am meant to do (that which wisdom dictates).

Not sure that this part is going to be any easier of a request.

It’s rewarding to realize you were meant to become a doctor and treat the sick in Uganda. Now you need what it takes to complete your degree and go there. It’s exhilarating to realize you were meant to be a ballet dancer.  Now you must have the resolve it will take to stand on Pointe.   It’s fantastic to realize you want to help others make a difference in their lives financially.  Now you must have the staying power to continue on even if it means you may face rejection and ridicule.

Not only do I request greater strength in order to perform my dharma, I strengthened my resolve to be more cognizant of others desires – their purpose – their dharma.  What I offer is not a solution but an unending amount of support.

We stand at the precipice of understanding.


Thank you for being with me this week. Please feel free to share what gets you thinking.

I wish you all that you desire in 2014!                Carolynn

9 thoughts on “Week 13 – I’m still thinking about it!

  1. Able Tsang

    That happens to me (a lot) too! I think Mark mentioned that the quote from Franklin also refers to our PPN’s… I am still thinking about it too though. Perhaps I shall sit and focus on Franklin’s quote tonight. Thank you! And Happy New Year. :-)

  2. Liselott

    I have also been struggling with understanding what I read in some of the Haanel lessons. Usually after day 2 I get fed up with being so faithfully reading something I don`t understand and I pick up the English-Swedish dictionary plus the http://www.dictionary.com and really break it down on day 3. Then I am on the roll. When that is too much for me I just Sit :-)
    Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one Carolynn!

  3. David Evans

    Carolynn: I anticipate with joy reading your thoughts each week. I love your candor, your gift of articulation and your invitation to emotional intimacy. What a joy!

    Now, about your query: It seems you answered your own question, and I agree with your conclusion. I, too, was attracted to Franklin’s prayer, and I, too, was inspired to further dedication. The nice thing about Dharma is that it so easily manifests when we make our intention clear.


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