Week 15 – I am Unique!

While reading Og Mandino’s 4th Scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World, this week’s blog subject came to me quite easily.  Not only do I embrace the knowledge “I am nature’s greatest miracle”, I revisit the fact I am also “a unique creature of nature”.

Uniqua_300Woo Hoo! Hail to my significant individuality!

And to all of yours, of course!

I have always known I was unique (that’s a whole separate story I believe is better left for another day).  I am only now, however, being given the tools to understand what this means.

 “I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose.”

Now, we’re talking!!! What a way to look at my being here! Lu-uve!

download (3)Now…what was that Og said about a purpose???

“None can duplicate my brush strokes,…”

This is where it gets a bit freaky! This sentence jumped off the page and just about slapped me across the…well, let’s just say I was a bit silly after that!

Some may know the story which fits here.  Since I believe many of you do not, please allow me to elaborate.

I always had a pencil in my hand.  The earliest I remember was when I was in Kindergarten. In grade school I recall not feeling well enough to go outside during recess and staying in the nurse’s office being quiet – while drawing!  One of my “did it right” cards involved the memory of my Santa drawing (4’ tall) being hung in the front office at school when I was about 7 or 8.

As I grew up, I dabbled with other media in art class but none of them really did anything for me and neither was I able to do anything with them (hmmmm, a case of what you think about grows?)  I had always told everyone “I do not see in colour.” Allow me to create what I see in black and white (pencil, charcoal, pen and ink)…easy!  Ask me to create in paint and I would struggle.

artist-s-brushes-2524207A few years ago I started to “see” brush strokes in colour photographs.  Upon sharing, my husband immediately bought me an easel with a starter set of paints and brushes (I adore that man!). The easel ended up sitting beside my change of season cloths rack in the basement crawl space. I know…I know…that was not a nice thing to do to such a thoughtful present.  I just could not pick up a brush!  I was all kind of scared.  I had no training in using paint (other than the typical high school projects once a year). What was I thinking??

Fast forward 2 years.  My Feng Shui consultant explained I needed a certain painting above my fireplace. It had to be running black horses AND they had to be running to the left.  Not only was this very specific, the space available would fit a 12” x 36” canvas.  I searched for months.  I found 1 painting but it was too large. 

Now we need to drift a bit off center to bring this silly slap full circle.

A few months prior to my Feng Shui discussion, I had made a decision to grow my hair and shave it off to raise funds for our MLMs charity. I had wanted to give more than I was able to financially afford.  I figured, in one of those strange moments of clarity I get (it’s almost like my own voice tells me what to do), if I was able to get others to donate to the charity because I shaved my hair off….I would be generating more than I was able to give on my own.  5 months later my husband took his trimmer to my hair and in front of a healthy group of business owners, took my hair off using the zero setting (the only thing left was the stubble you take off with a razor). Now he did offer to use the razor. I gracefully declined.

A week or two later I was doing my morning meditation outside in the yard. I asked the universe, my angels, my divine team, to help me. What was I supposed to be doing? What was my dharma?

Running Black HorsesWithin a few days I decided to create the required Feng Shui painting. I went to the store and picked up a 12” x 36” canvas and painted 7 black running horses…all facing to the left. I could paint!

TRANSLATION:     Give more! Get more!!

I’ve completed numerous paintings since then: my neighbour’s little girl, a Jamaican sunset, a woman’s dog who had to be put down with age, a grandfather (created in colour from a black and white photo), and so many others.

A facet of my vision for the future is to teach art to the children attending the school we build.  I found something within me I had denied through years of embracing a negative, self-defeating mantra.   I will do whatever I can to encourage others to embrace their potential.


what we could accomplish as a society if we learn these lessons early! Let us teach! Truly understand and share that anything is possible because…..

“I am nature’s greatest miracle!” I am unique!!! 

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share. Remember to make each day count! Carolynn Sokil

10 thoughts on “Week 15 – I am Unique!

  1. David Evans

    Well said, as always, Carolynn. I love that you’re living an expression of your art rather than letting your music die still in you. We are all unique, and the expression of your gifts makes the world a better place. Thank you for telling the story.

    1. Carolynn Post author

      David, Your positive comments and encourage always make me smile (loudly, of course!). Thank you for sharing in this phenomenal journey we are on!

  2. renee shatanoff

    The courage of Carolynn to draw so others can experience her beautiful picture of Santa. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could capture our youthful exhuberance and take it into adulthood? Where would our fears and apprehensions be? They’d be neatly tucked away. And now with the vision, and soon to be real school, children will experience the wonderful world of art with your encouragement and talent.

  3. Paul Straw

    Just what you need when you need it… You are nature’s greatest miracle. Go be the best you! The world needs you!

  4. Able Tsang

    One of the best parts of the MKMMA experience is the people you meet… and the things you get to know about them!!! You are an inspiration!

    PS – Was your head shave recent? I am doing the same thing in June and boy am I going to need some tips with growing my hair out, LOL! I’ve never had such short hair and am wondering how I can rock short hair like you.

  5. Bill Knox

    So cool Carolyn! I borrowed a page from your book today. I took an encaustic painting workshop!
    “None can duplicate my brush strokes,…” Yes!! Thanks for all your encouragement.


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