Week – 17 HJ – What am I pretending not to know?

Chinese-New-Year-2014-Horse-7Please bear with me this week as I write more than usual.  Today is the first day of the New Year (Chinese Calendar).  I was counseled to ensure my intentions were clearly stated today for this upcoming year. This year, the year of the Horse, is anticipated to rush past us.  I embrace all that I desire and commit to being fully cognizant of what I know. Now, I ask again….

What am I pretending not to know?

This question was a “figurative” punch in the gut when it was asked of us during last Sunday’s MKMMA call.  In summarizing my thoughts, I found myself leaning back into R2A2.  A brief explanation of each:

gut-punch2Recognize: To know/identify from past experience/knowledge
Relate: To establish/demonstrate a connection
Assimilate: To incorporate/absorb into my mind
Apply: To put into action

Many of us pretend more than we are willing to admit.  If you ask yourself this same question, while looking at your reflection in the mirror, it is much harder to pretend.   4 answers came to mind:

Eating Healthy is a Must

Recognize: “We are what we eat.” We hear it. We know it. We may pretend not to. I recently travelled 2 weeks out of each month for just over a year. My food choices during this time period were less than desirable. Each one, in itself, was not horrible. The compound effect, however, left its mark on my external shell.  The results are very similar to the choices – less than desirable. 

Relate: Every morsel which enters my mouth, works its way through my digestive system, ultimately getting broken down into pieces small enough to be distributed into my blood stream, eventually affecting every molecule of my physical being. My ability to keep up with my husband Walter, play with my son, walk the dog, have the energy and mind set for all that I do – has a direct relationship with what I feed myself. Same thing for our body as our brain: Garbage in = Garbage out.

bacon-cheeseburgerAssimilate: The cheeseburger I ate last night is currently running through my system as I write. It is tumbling through my veins spitting pieces of ground beef, cheese, bacon and mayo into my muscles and the fleshy areas surrounding the bones. Augh!

Apply: Making healthy food choices assists me with being who I envision myself as being. The energy I need to accomplish my DMP, travel with Walter, interact with my son, play with my daughter, are all areas affected by my physical health. I start and continue each day with the compound effect – small smart choices made repeatedly reveal my desired physical being.  

Staying Focused is Key to my Vision

25824802Recognize: Wow! I get squirreled! For those of you who have seen the movie Up, you will remember the dog responding when something runs past him. He stops mid sentence, head whipping around, tracking with his keen doggy intensity – immediately, and completely, forgetting what he was just doing. That is me. Not all the time. But certainly more often than I should.

Relate: A while back I listened to Darren Hardy speaking on a CD received with the Success magazine. He talked about the fact that ‘multi-tasking’ is not possible (other than the ‘walking and chewing gum’ of course). Darren commented that what we think we are doing when we ‘multi-task’ is actually just switching between tasks.  Leaving one task for another and switching back and forth does not get anything completed with the precision required. He mentioned it has been determined that a person’s IQ is reduced by 10% during the period they are so called ‘multi-tasking’.  A very scary thought is it not?

Assimilate: Juggling the balls in the air only works for…you guessed it….a juggler. Stop. Plan. Work the plan. Complete the task. Put the pieces away and move onto the next task. Continue until all planned activities have been completed. Shuffle and repeat.  We do not have to get stuffy about it. We just need to get it done.

Apply:  I use my day timer to track the time I spend doing what I do. I am able to plan the amount of time needed for each aspect of my day. I plan my day. I work my plan. I remain focused on the task at hand.  My plan includes scheduled time for my family, my personal well being and my spiritual growth.

Who we were to others & how you were of service during our life – this is IT!

Recognize: In preparation for Scroll V from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, we were instructed to read obituaries each day this week. Not something I would normally do for sure! The words included in newsprint were what I understood the remaining family members chose to say about their deceased loved one. The pattern I saw was distressing. “Loving son/daughter of, brother/sister to, father/mother of…survived by…predeceased by….” And then there was the “in lieu of flowers please donate to….in loving memory.” Is this all there was to say about this person?

Relate: There was 1 person’s obituary which took up the full top ½ of the column (9”).  While it listed the usual family member relationships, it included so much more.  Where she and her husband of 58 years had met, all the organizations she had helped, those she had been involved with from a humanitarian perspective and interestingly the location to for “in lieu of flowers please send donations to” was the  Primates World Relief and Development Fund. Now this was someone who was ‘involved’ in her life.  Reminds me of the Poem by Linda Ellis: “The Dash”. http://bit.ly/MmEnah

Assimilate: What would someone say about me? How would Walter write this? Would my mother still be around and mentioned? Would they include my siblings who may not even know who I am? What would be mentioned, if anything, about my interests? What impact had I made? Who had I touched/influenced/affected with my life?

Apply: We get one chance at this life. Whether you believe we go to heaven, are reincarnated, or transcend to another plane…we get ONE chance at THIS life. I do not waste time. I solemnly declare that I make each day count. The following questions allow me to ponder more fully each day I live.  

  • download (7)I will ask the following 3 questions at the beginning of each day:  1) How do I plan to make a difference?  2) What will I do today to live fully?  3) Who can I love openly?                
  • I will then ask similar questions each night: 1) How did I make a difference today? 2) How did I live fully? 3) Whom did I love openly? 

“Going through the motions” is NOT ENOUGH!

Recognize: We are in week 18 of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance course and I admit to being one of those who has slipped with the daily actions we committed to doing.  It’s a pattern I occasionally slip my arms into, as one would an old and comfy sweater you wear when you expect no one else to see you

mirror__s_reflection_by_anniegreeneRelate: I am reminded of a story. A woman had to fly cross country to bury her sister. She was about 6 months sober. She did well on the flight there, during the visitations and the funeral. On the flight home, the attendant offered drinks. The woman looked around her, knowing there was no one on the flight who knew her position of recovery. She asked herself….”Who will know?”  After a few moments spent pondering the question, she answered “I would.” Recognize the Gal/Guy in the Glass?   

Assimilate: I desire results. When we stood in front of the mirror for 50 minutes a few weeks past, repeating the 1 sentence of our summarized DMP – I was elated, I was pumped, I could feel what I desired, it was right…there! I desire results and I know in order to create them I must give what I do my entire focus, attention and….wait for it… enthusiasm.  No holds barred (no restraints).

download (8)Apply: Restraints are the friend of the timid. I am the opposite of timid. 
I am confident.  I make each day count. I make each action count.

By answering the question I enabled myself to see my authentic self.download (9)
Who I am, as I become who I am.

What are YOU pretending not to know?

Please feel free to share your answer in the comments. 

I am honoured and grateful you’ve taken the time to stop by and read my thoughts. I wish for you all you desire for 2014 and look forward to seeing you on the other side of our DMPs!


10 thoughts on “Week – 17 HJ – What am I pretending not to know?

  1. Paul Straw

    I love your quote,”Who I am, as I become who I am.” Carolynn I enjoyed reading your blog and reflecting back and R2A2 ing myself with the different tasks I’ve done this week. It is a journey worth taking! Thanks

  2. Cindy DiZio

    You have left me thinking…and not quite knowing what to say in response!! Contemplating the lives of others lived and the summing up of those lives in a portion of a newspaper column…is painfully anti-climatic… Which leads to so many further questions…. what ifs, what fors and whys?….
    You are in intense consideration of everything!! and in doing so are rediscovering your buried treasure…. If we live our lives wearing our unburied treasures ‘loudly’ (as your/our smiles)…how different will the columns read?
    Thank you for so many thoughts to mull over… they are more satisfying than that oh so yummy (and at the same time “Augh!) burger you had!!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Cindy – you honour me with your thoughts. If my words leave you pondering – then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. I appreciate you stopping by. Many blessings!

  3. Peggy P

    Really great post Carolynn! I really like how you broke everything down and all you shared. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  4. Able

    Gong xi fa cai! I wish you and your family a life of happiness and harmony. :-)

    I totally forgot about this until today… thanks for the reminder! You have inspired me to sit on this question myself, and also to add imagining what my own obituary would say during death before death meditation. Mahalo!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Able. Gong xi fa cai! I am blessed you felt inspired by what I write. This is one of my many missions! I would wish to know what my obituary said about me – maybe we should all write our own??


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