Week 17 – Working Closely with my New Blueprint

My new blueprint and I are working closely together.  Allow me to elaborate!

CaptureCapture2I see my old blueprint as a person (sort of looks like me – just does not always sound like me).

Since starting on this Master Key Mastermind Alliance journey I find she has shrunken in size – she is now about knee high.

While at the same time my new blueprint has grown up. She is now about shoulder high and looks fantastic (if I do say so myself)!  Very ZEN!

Please pay close attention as my story jumps a bit.  It all wraps up at the end – I promise!

I have been driving since I was 17 (not sure WHAT I was doing when I was 16 but obviously it was more important that learning to drive – hmmm, I think it may have been the boys). I’ve had my own vehicle since I was 22. Even when times were tough financially I would not release my vehicle – this was (perceived as) my security blanket to independence. Without a vehicle of my own, I would not be able to escape when life became unbearable.

images (12)Recently – the 10 year old vehicle I’ve had for the last 8 years became somewhat of a draw on our finances. There were so many aspects requiring repair and most of them at least $500.   When I thought of dealing with the vehicle, something was different.

Rather than look at the vehicle as a sign of independence, I looked at it for what it was: A means of transportation which was becoming a high draw. What was the vehicle worth and should more money be spent to keep it running when it may just be the time to allow it to leave us with some form of grace?

Logically it made sense not to fix the vehicle. This would mean the family would need to readjust to having only one vehicle in the driveway and when that one vehicle was out and about, the other family members would have to walk, taxi, bus or stay put. Suck it up!  How often would we all need to be out of the house at the same time? At this time in our lives, not often. It made sense.

lincoln_mkx_awd_2008The old blueprint jumped up and down, shouting in a high pitched voice, trying to get my attention. I heard her but chose not to pay attention.  The new blueprint was driving this one and she realized we could not have what we desired until we made room for it. With the old vehicle in the drive there was no room for our next vehicle. My Lincoln MKX (Master Key Xtreme) is mentioned briefly in my vision. 2008 model shown above

I released the current vehicle with love. It felt weird but good.

Fast forward two weeks….it appears another example was needed to solidify my lesson.

download (5)I run a consulting business from home preparing specialized reports. One of my clients called yesterday and explained a portion of the business I have had up until now is being directed to another provider. Not my client’s choice but a direction from the end client.

When given the update my first reaction was: This is an example of why I left the corporate world – politics and BS (Business Stress – aka Beef Stroganoff)!

My new blueprint would not allow this to get the better of me.

I quickly looked at this situation the way I had for my vehicle. All things happen for a reason.  Ultimately the reason is good – although sometimes it may not appear that way at the time and we may have to wait a bit for the end result.  My husband Walter says “It all works out in the end. And if it has not worked out yet…well, it’s not the end!”

Second, if this portion of the business was no longer on my plate – it was obviously making room for something else which was coming to occupy that space. 

Whoo hoo!  An-ti-ci-pay-yay-tion!

I am grateful for the business I do have.  Hmmm – the other provider may really need this piece of business.  Recognizing this business was not to be held – I released it with love to them!

images (13)Some of you may say I did not have a choice in releasing it.   I did.  While I did not have that piece of business anymore (on the books) I could choose to cling to it with angst, feeling angry or sorry for myself.  NOT!

By releasing it with love I allowed my new blueprint to participate in the end result.  I was being who I envisioned myself to be. Someone who recognizes that life has ebbs and flows: Someone who fully realizes that when one thing leaves, something else comes in to replace it.  AND with everything we are learning I KNOW the something coming is in line with my ultimate vision.

I sent an email to my client thanking them for the business I do have, including wishes for the success of their other provider and for the end client to be pleased (because that is ultimately what we all working towards, is it not?).

Capture3I admit my old blueprint did try to get my attention while all of this was going on in my mind.  She stomped. She jumped. She yelled. She even crawled up my side and tried speaking softly in my ear.  I refused to allow her words to have any purchase.   New blueprint kindly knelt down and explained to her we were choosing to do this differently than we would have in the past.

We now know that what we used to “perceive” as “problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.” Og Mandino: The Greatest Salesman in the World.  New blueprint explained to old blueprint that we are to proceed with harmony and wait for the opportunity which is to show itself.

Then during last night’s read – my carryover from Og Mandino’s Scroll III solidified everything “I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that this IS the best day of my life.”

I slept soundly and awoke this morning to immediately write down my thoughts to share. Today is THE best day of my life! Ultimately my hope is that someone reading this will recognize an aspect in their life, something which may need to be released with love, and will do it – with amazing results!

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share.

Please Join Me In Making Every Day Count!

Carolynn Sokil

15 thoughts on “Week 17 – Working Closely with my New Blueprint

  1. Peggy P

    Really neat how you showed the growth of the new blueprint and the shrinking of the old. Nice lessons shared. Thank you!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Fantastic Liselott – very cool coincidence. Ah but there are no coincidences are there?? Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

  2. Able

    This is adorable!!!! And very well said, of course. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes we have to let old things leave for even better things to come. =))

  3. Paul Straw

    Carolynn, my word for the week was decisiveness. I see in your post lots and lots of great decisiveness going on. Thanks for the reminder this is the best day of my life. Thanks.

  4. Heather Plude

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks for being you. I love the frog at the end… I had to open the picture to see what it said… oh, so fitting! “the quieter you become, the more you can hear.” ~zen frog — very zen Carolynn. :)

  5. Cindy DiZio

    Carolyn…. I love your picture of the old and new blueprint beside you…and how you are gently teaching them both how it is going to be! Your watch(wo)man at the gate is doing a beautiful job and you are a wonderful example of walking with the truths we are learning… I am encouraged by your handling of your recent experiences! Congratulations and Bravo to you!!
    These are the good old days… is ringing in my ears as Carly Simon just finished singing her song that you posted…. and you are right… THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE….
    because I say so!

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