Week 18 – A Shift in my Dharma

Wow! So many messages received this week.  I am most grateful.

One of the numerous and most powerful messages received was the question we were asked to write and put on the top of our gratitude cards:  “What would the person I intend to become, do next?”  Add to that our reading of Og Mandino’s Scroll V “I will live this day as if it is my last.” and top it all of with watching “I Am” by Tom Shadyac.  There was absolutely no way I was sitting idle this week.

heraldI am no longer able to ignore the call I’ve been hearing in my head these past few months.  Ever since we started the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course the concept of simplifying what we are learning, in order to teach the valuable lessons to our 8.5 year old son, has been running around in my mind.  It has grown and it’s now more like someone is leaning on a door bell rather than just an occasional horn burst.

About 4 years ago I gave one of my (then 17 year old) nephews a copy of “The Secret”.  I explained the concepts found in the book were a small glimpse into what the universe had to offer.  If he were to embrace the philosophies within, the possibilities of his entire life could shift dramatically. I encouraged him not to wait till he was my age.  He and his father spent the next year turning everything they said into a positive.  My sister-in-law said it was the greatest year ever!    What started as a genuine desire to share has now become a burning passion radiating out from within my centre.

I see our son easily grasping the concepts we share with him as Walter and I travel through the teachings of this class . I IMAGINE him living his entire life as someone who is enlightened. 

My dharma has shifted.images (16)

Why not create something which could be shared with children, teens, adults in their early 20s? IMAGINE reaching a whole other generation with what we are being taught?

I envision doing this through the means of ‘graphic novels’ or ‘comic strips’ – using everyday scenarios – real life stories – to allow the message to be shared.  Stories are the best way to teach – we have seen this throughout the centuries. Why not continue and use something more readily embraced by the younger generation?

I am grateful to be able to share my first attempt below, envisioned during my 15 minute sit  this morning, drafted immediately thereafter and the strip created online this afternoon (using a program I found with my first search – way cool!).  The characters I created are a slightly older version of my son and his 3 friends. The names have been altered to protect the innocent.


Vlad – as in Count Vladymyr: An introspective young man.  Loves helping others get through the day with a positive spin.  He is the grounding to the group.

Cess – as in Princess: A bit of a tom boy. Has always looked up to Vlad.  Has a bit of temper and believes that all things are her due.

Roy – is eager to please.  Has conflicting family dynamics with lots of older siblings who tell him how to be, what to say, how to act. Roy and Vlad are great friends but don’t always see eye to eye.

Maggie – is a bit younger than the rest of the group. Well read. She adores Vlad. Is still trying to find her way in the world.


From “I Am”:  “The mode we are literally designed to operate from is a place of positive emotions – it increases inner harmony, clear thinking and better performance.”  Let us all operate under this optimal state.  

A special shout out to those within my mastermind group who listened to my ideas and encouraged me to proceed.

I thank you all for stopping by.  

Till next time!
Carolynn Sokil

23 thoughts on “Week 18 – A Shift in my Dharma

  1. Cindy DiZio

    Carolynn… I LOVE what you did!! I have also mentioned in past writings that we need to teach this to our children when they are young…and why isn’t this taught in schools??? I think you are on to something…I am so impressed that you just found something so quickly and put this cartoon strip together!! You must be very computer savvy!! My older daughter has made her own comic strips in the past (she is now 12)… after seeing yours … I would like to encourage HER to write a similar type strip…. just for the fun of it… she LOVES to write and draw…. asking the kids about difficult situations…and how they think they might improve… the possibilities are endless!! I love what you did!!!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Wow! Cindy. Thank you for your kind words. Interestingly my mom encouraged me with my art so many years ago. Sounds like you have a similar situation with your daughter. Enjoy and may many blessings come out of it.

  2. Marea Adejuwon

    Carolynn, I LOVE IT!!!! You can just create a comic strip on the fly? That’s wicked cool!!! I’m headed down this path with my own kids and my blog. Perhaps together we can cover all age groups?! Let’s keep the mastermind going….

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Marea! I did not know you could do this kind of on the fly thing but I agree that it is very cool! I’m pleased to continue on with the mastermind on this matter! Blessings!

  3. Peggy P

    So wonderful that you and your husband are doing this together and your son is totally getting it! :) Neat how you shared with your nephew at such an important age and that his parents got involved so much.
    Really liked your comic strip. Vlad is pretty wise! :) Looks to be a great group of friends. Thank you for sharing! What a great way to make a difference!

  4. Heather Plude

    You are an inspiration and a joy to mastermind with. Your cartoon is spectacular and I love that your Dharma is shifting… you obviously are good at inspiring the good in children… look at your own little man!
    Amazing mom makes an amazing best selling children’s author. I want an autographed copy of the first edition! I am cheering you on!

  5. Kathy Ketterhagen

    Really enjoyed your blog Carolynn. The comic strip was amazing. I also wish to influence our young people today! This is a most creative way to do it. My dream is to inspire my six grandkids with enough hope, imagination and love to see them through the many years ahead of them. I will show your strip to my 10 year old who is the quiet mediator that all of his friends run to when something needs a solution. He is wise beyond his years and very artistic. I’m sure he’ll love it and it may inspire him to use his own creativeness!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing Kathy! AND please let him know about the bitstrips.com – it’s a great way to express yourself. My 8 year old said they were using it in his class last year!

  6. Kristina

    How amazing are you?! Love the cartoon strip. Love the shift in your dhmara! I will search for a link that you might like to watch on You tube. Will email under separate cover! After the talking with you on the phone, I pulled out two of William Bennett’s books – THE MORAL COMPASS and THE BOOK OF VIRTUES. Thanks for taking me on yet another journey!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Hey Nadim! Thanks for finding me here! Glad you caught the comment and laughed out loud…or was that a loud smile? Either way I appreciate your comments and the next comic is being loaded right now!

  7. Paul Straw

    Carolynn, I love those ah ha moments that we get during everyday moments… Its even more awesome when we do something with them… Your Awesome and I’m also cheering you on … Go Go Go! Thanks for blessing me and those around you!

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  9. Shelby

    Love this Carolynn! I think it is a great idea to do the comic strip. The young people in the world will learn so much from this. Power on my friend, many blessing to you.


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