Week 21 – Think BIG Thoughts!

c2We have been reading Charles Haanel’s Master Key System for 21 weeks now.  I liken this part of the course to being an in-depth realignment of our thought processes.  It helps us to take stock of what we think we know; it opens our minds to ways of looking at the world which we did not realize were possible; and finally it instructs us to consider the world, and our part in it, as something we have the ability to influence.

Each week we commence reading a new passage on Monday and I say…Wow! Really?  Then on Tuesday we read again and I think…Did I really read THAT yesterday? Not quite sure…seems different. Finally on Wednesday, when we read, and highlight the key aspects we believe should be noted for special attention, I find that I am reading something so much more earth shattering than what I thought I had read the previous two days.  Some weeks it seems like it is a totally different passage by the third read.  Then during the rest of the week it just solidifies itself into my thoughts creating new and interesting connective ways to look at our world.

This week was no different. Here are a few of the passages (or portions thereof) which struck me:

images (18)21.1:  The real secret of power is consciousness of power.

21.2: As soon as we become conscious of the inexhaustible power in the world within, we begin to draw on this power and apply and develop the greater possibilities which this discernment has realized, because whatever we become conscious of, is invariably manifested in the objective world, is brought forth into tangible expression.

21.6: Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies.

21.8:  When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness.

wow21.13: This mental attitude is our personality and is composed of the thoughts which we have been creating in our mind; therefore, if we wish a change in conditions all that is necessary is to change our thought; this will in turn change our mental attitude, which will in turn change our personality, which will in turn change the persons, things and conditions, or, the experiences with which we meet in life.

And that’s just a FEW highlights.

To paraphrase one message from this week’s lesson:

413px-RobertFuddBewusstsein17JhOnce we become conscious of something it becomes real.  Therefore if we become conscious of the power within, the power then becomes real in the world without!

What tends to happen for many of us in this fast passed, drive-through world, is we stop doing what we are doing if we haven’t immediately ‘received’ what we expect to.

I refer to point #4 on the Law of Giving & Receiving:   I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity, from the channels I enrich, because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

All the times I have read this I just assumed the “channels” were people.  They are everything and everyone – the channels are everywhere. The channels are our thoughts, our atoms, our neurons, the space in between, the power.  BAM!  First we recognize it is within us. Then we give it all that we have.  We allow it to be – Allow it to become. Without any expectation.  We then embrace all that it gives back to us, without exception. We are blessed.

Raised-Hands-007So why do many of us only see glimpses of this power and then the next moment it appears to have evaded us, as if it never existed?  It is because of what we are thinking!   Raise your hand if you consistently think the same thoughts? Keep your hand up if you do so without doubt? Without fear? Guilt? Anger?

What we have learned through Haanel, Mandino and Mark J is that it is ALL about consistency – it is as noted in 21.18: “We do a thing, then do it again, and again, and again, until it becomes easy and perhaps almost automatic.” And for those who are trying to break habits the same holds true: “we stop doing a thing, and then avoid it again, and again until we are entirely free from it.”  What we needed to remember is “if we do fail now and then, we should by no means lose hope, for the law is absolute and invincible and gives us credit for every effort and every success, even though our efforts and successes are perhaps intermittent. “

Now – just because we think of something, it does not mean that it will immediately appear in the objective world.  It can take time.

Or does it? 

slbpIn this one case…it was freakishly fast:  A friend shared a story from this week.  She commented that she had been thinking quite a bit about someone, someone who had become very challenging in her dealings with others, with the resulting (and consistent) thought running through her mind that this someone must have a “screw loose”.   Within a few days 2 pieces of furniture started to wobble and almost fell apart. Upon inspection it turned out that all the screws holding the pieces together had become loose. To make matters even more interesting, her internet line stopped working. Customer service explained they were working on it and asked her to be patient.  30 minutes later an internet technician showed up at her door, tool belt on hips, saying they had narrowed the neighbourhood internet outage issue to her location.  Turned out the main connections had all become loose!

I’m sure there are times you can remember when you thought of someone and they called.  You thought about a certain food and that’s what your spouse had chosen for dinner that night. You had an appointment to get to and all the lights seemed turn green just as you needed them to.


21.8:  When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness.


I leave you with Charles Haanel’s words: “think big thoughts”.
May your day be filled with warmth and happiness.
I am grateful you stopped by.

Carolynn Sokil


20 thoughts on “Week 21 – Think BIG Thoughts!

  1. Heather Plude

    Great blog, Carolynn! This week was very enlightening for me too. And I am so glad you included the loose screw story. I will be sure to choose my words more carefully… as we all should! See you on the beaches of the world! :)

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Heather! Glad I was able to use the “loose screw” story as well. It put weight within my words where it was needed. See you in Kauai at the beach!!

  2. Brian Norin

    You are absolutely correct about find more meaning after re-reading the chapter. Not only Haanel, but Og as well. Love the cartoon. Summer can’t get here fast enough!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thanks Brian! We received another few inches yesterday! My BBQ is still buried under ice and snow! One day closer to spring! One day closer to spring! One day closer to spring!

  3. Marie Glennon

    What a terrific post Carolyn. Love all the Wow points, and couldn’t agree with you more about reading these chapters, I too read something one day and wonder the next did i read that yesterday? i couldn’t have skipped a whole paragraph. And your cartoon strip is awesome.

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Hey Marie! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I’m glad so many of us experience the same thing when we read what we read. Makes me wonder about the stuff I only read once (hmmmm? I believe that would be an observation). Appreciate you enjoying the comic strip. These are a weekly occurrence now as it is part of my new Dharma to share what we are learning in a way for the younger generation to grasp! Blessings & Hugs!

  4. Mark Laytin

    Great post Carolynn! And who knew you could also produce a really neat comic strip. But on a serious note, I too have noticed how amazing it is that Haanel can slip something in on us that wasn’t there just a day ago. Like fine wine, it just gets more profound…I am already looking forward to your next post!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Why Thank You Mark. Appreciate your kind comment. Agree – fine wine, more profound! See you on the other side of week 22! Salutations! Carolynn

  5. Marea Adejuwon

    Carolynn, You struck me with your interpretation of “from the channels I enrich” to expand beyond the tangible person before you. It’s ssoooooo true! Keep filling your head with good thoughts. Continue sharing kindnesses. Maintain the daily routine. Take the time to hear the silence. Phew. I love the new perspective, and I’m all for applying it! Oh, and I’ll see you on the beaches in Kauai too!!!

  6. Barbara Grazier

    I randomly chose your blog and loved it! I agree with your opinion about the second and third readings. You are a very talented artist!

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Thank you Barbara for randomly choosing me. Glad you enjoyed. Interesting though….Did you realize that nothing is actually random?? LOL Blessings & Hugs!

  7. Rob Langley

    Hi Carolynn,
    It’s so much more fun to think big isn’t it! And why not! Love your blog and your cartoon personalization to drive home your points. Met Walter last Friday night…hope to cross paths with you too at some point. Best regards, Rob. Brantford, Ontario

    1. Carolynn Post author

      Walter said you recognized him from last week’s comic strip – how funny! Thanks for stopping by Rob. Look forward to meeting you as well.


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