Master Key Week 14 – Your Mission….

Reprinted from my original Master Key Week 14 – interesting reflection on my journey from a year ago..

Mission Possible

should you choose to accept it, involves…”

send-self-destructing-spy-messages-via-google-docs-texts-and-private-links.w654watching one movie from either: October Sky, Cool Runnings, Door-to-Door, Rudy. Look for the 4 tiny habits of persistence: a Definite Major Purpose (DMP – backed by a burning desire), a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), a Plan of Action (POA – just about reprogrammed myself for this acronym as it has read Power of Attorney for 20+ years) and a Master Mind Alliance (MMA – where 2 or more are in harmony with 1 DMP). Then write about it in this week’s blog post. 

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.


9137513We watched the first 2 choices: October Sky & Cool Runnings.  In identifying each of the 4 habits, their DMPs were what really had the light bulb dancing above my head (harmonic back up in stereo of course).  It was not “save the world” or “bring food to thousands in need” – it was “I’m going to build a rocket!” and “I’m going to compete in the Olympics!”

I’m not implying that either of the gentlemen portrayed in these movies had simplistic or selfish desires – nor is wanting to save the world or feed the hungry anything less than noble – it’s just not where either of these two started their journey.  Ultimately what they accomplished did “change” the world – just not necessarily in a direct humanitarian or philanthropic manner (within the movie time line).

download (1)Determination! They both saw the end result of their desire as something which was their due.  This is where the electricity within me turned up the light bulb AND the sound!

I must cease trying to create a purpose based upon WHAT I want.   I must dig down into my heart, my soul, my centre – and see WHO I AM. THAT is my DMP.  What I do with myself, when I am the person of my DMP, is where my further desires of humanitarian and philanthropic actions may be realized to their fullest.  First I must become that person. 

download (2)Do you feel the vibration – the shift of thought taking place – the electrons running towards each other to create what is now being realized as my chosen reality?

Woo Hoo! Here we go!

0364320_28461_MC_T 89770437f83b87cde8cd56ceeb6132aeNow – both of the 2 main characters were in a situation which did not encourage their dream: being part of a town who believe their young men either grow up to play football or work alongside their fathers in the coal mine; or bobsledding when you have never even seen ice, cannot really practice and have no idea what cold really is. These environments resulted in quite a bit of opposition (read “negative minded people”).

Even with the onslaught of “reality” coming to kick their butts, they both chose to remain positive (PMA) and not listen to those who wanted to keep them where they were.

A plan – there is always a plan!!  And most of the time it goes nothing like you thought it would (that’s where life throws curve balls to keep you on your toes – to make sure where you thought you were going is REALLY where you wanted to go).

Both of these 2 heroes were willing to do what it took (building and crashing rocket after rocket after rocket or flashing pictures of each turn in order, again and again and again) to get where they were going. Each chose to practice and repeat! Adjust, practice and repeat. Adjust again, practice and repeat. Nothing was going to stop them!

oct_l Cool-Runnings7Lastly, we add in to the mix their Master Mind Alliance:  Homer did not know the first things about rockets so found one team member who had the rocket knowledge and added his two other friends – all who had a similar desire to get out of Coalwood – not end up in the mine; Derice was no longer a runner doing his own thing – he needed 3 others to make up his bobsled team, each with their own idea of doing more than what was laid out by others. 

Each of the ‘team’ members had different desires but they worked with the burning desire of the main DMP.  This is where the alliance truly shines.  If there is no common ground which all parties are committed to, there is no synergy. With synergy, each group soared!  Literally in both these cases.

But a MMA does not just include those within the close confines of the team – it includes others for what they bring to the table, when they are needed:  the coach who knows where to get a sled; the machinist who knows what kind of metal the boys needed.

One must be open to the universe providing the required components in unexpected ways.

Roll with it!  The universe knows all the possible permutations.  Believe that you get closer each step, each day, each moment as long as you maintain your desire!

May you be empowered with a clear DMP, an unending PMA,
a well defined POA, and a productive MMA!  

Thank you for stopping by this week!

Carolynn Sokil  

When the Jamaican boys were discussing what to name their sled,
and Derice chose  “Cool Runnings”, he commented that it meant
“Peace be the Journey.”  
Mahalo, Mark & Davene! 

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