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Week 10 – Shift My Personal Observations

for rentImagine getting ready to travel to a new country and prior to your arrival you agreed to rent a vehicle for your time away.  Imagine agreeing to rent this specific vehicle because it was supposedly the only one with easy-to-engage four-wheel drive – something you knew you needed while away. The shop owner knew you needed this type of four-wheel drive (because you told them during one of your discussions) and when you asked about negotiating the rental price, they refused.  You still considered it even though the rental value was twice what you were looking for – all because of that four-wheel drive.  The shop owner showed you pictures of their vehicle, reminding you that it was almost new and pristine and it had all the bells and whistles! So…. because you did not want to arrive without being able to get around properly right from the get go…you agreed to rent his vehicle.


Now…imagine upon your arrival, when you picked up the vehicle, the air conditioner was not working and the front passenger door was not working…but the shop owner promised these were to be fixed the following week – the parts were already on order.  So that first week, your partner crawled in the car through the driver’s door – believing the inconvenience was only temporary.  Then upon driving it around for a few weeks, you noticed the four-wheel drive only worked intermittently and half the time when you were on a steep, gravel road, it stalled. Any time you asked about the four-wheel drive you were informed by the shop owner that it was just part of what happens in the country and to switch to low gear, this should be able to get through the roads. 

out of orderFast forward 5 months and the air conditioner has just been fixed, the passenger door was fixed at the 3-month mark, the windshield washing pump stopped working and you had to get out to wash the windshield each time you could not see, the exhaust was hooked up incorrectly and needed to be repaired because it was a health concern for those in the vehicle, there were no seat belts in the back and these had to be installed and because the four-wheel drive kept cutting out, you had to drive constantly drive in low gear or use someone else’s car for the first few months…..

How would you feel?

What would you do?

This is an analogy of what has transpired during our transition to Costa Rica. If the actual case was a vehicle, I would demand to have another rental vehicle to use.  If the shop had no other vehicles to rent, I would then choose to cancel my rental agreement and go rent from someone else. 

seriouslyAfter driving this “vehicle” which kept having mechanical challenges, when one thing got fixed another broke, and we were told there were no other vehicles to be rented by the shop owner and his suggestion was I should adjust to the country’s way of doing things…even though I had originally agreed to rent the vehicle for a longer period of time, I chose to cancel the agreement. 

And now the “shop owner” is claiming I am being unreasonable, deceitful and duplicitous!

broken bridgeI struggled with this feedback. My personal ethics are such that when I agree to do something I do it. 

Walter asked me if I promised to cross a bridge and upon arrival the bridge was broken, it was unsafe and unstable, would I still proceed to cross the bridge? Should I still even attempt to cross the bridge?  No. I would either not go to the other side or find an alternative bridge to use.

So why am I struggling with this “vehicle” situation?

I have spent the last 5-1/2 months working around all the challenges with the “rental vehicle”. Earlier on I shared my dissatisfaction and frustration with the “shop owner” to which he responded by reducing the monthly “car” rental charge by 10%.  I have accommodated the inconveniences of repair work on a regular basis, and I am still living with another broken door and now have a radiator which overheats so we cannot use the car regularly.


Why was this happening to me?

There is the belief that everything which happens in your life you’ve causing it; We are the sole author of our story.  There is also the belief that when you are challenged with something it is there to reflect back what you need to deal with, what you need to face about yourself.  It is not about them – it is about me.

GREAT!    OK then….

Upon reflection last night I started to remember the Universe, God, my source chooses to test me during this life as there is something I am meant to learn and grow from.  I am of the understanding that we are given these tests continuously until we actually learn the lesson we were meant to.  And if we are being stubborn…well, maybe these lessons get bigger and more in-your-face than the previous, possibly subtle versions encountered. If that is the case…this is a doozey of a lesson!

What am I meant to learn here?

I recognize I am one of those people who likes to please everyone and I constantly seek approval. Even if I don’t care for someone’s perspective I tend to still “need” them to like me, be pleased with our interaction, know that I am good person….

What the heck?

Why should I care about someone else’s perception of me? 

Whose opinion actually matters?


Does it matter the “shop owner” believes he has done no wrong and is blaming me for his resulting situation of us breaking the contract? Does it matter the “shop owner” has sent me nasty notes? Does it matter…whatever he thinks? NO!

The only things which matters are what I know to be true, that I have done my best, that I am being a good person, that I am being kind to myself, that I am choosing to remove myself and my family from a challenging situation in order to maintain our love of why we chose to travel.

No one else’s opinions matter if I remain true to me and I am good!

This month we are wrapping up our reading of Scroll II.  I concentrate on my carry forward from this scroll “And most of all I love myself.”  While it is great to be kind and loving to others, I must remember to be kind and loving to myself first and always. 

The preamble to Week 10 of the Master Keys states: “The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions.  He thinks chiefly to justify his action. If he fails as a business man, he says that luck is against him. If he dislikes music, he says that music is an expensive luxury. If he is a poor office man, he says that he could succeed better at some outdoor work. If he lacks friends, he says his individuality is too fine to be appreciated. He never thinks his problems through to the end. In short, he does not know that every effect is the result of a certain definite cause, but he seeks to console himself with explanations and excuses. He thinks only in self-defence.”

And then 10.22 notes “Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, ever lack, limitation or adverse circumstance is the result of weakness and weakness is simply absence of power, it comes from nowhere, it is nothing – the remedy then is simply to develop power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.”

I choose my thoughts carefully.  I choose to shift my personal observations. I choose to love and be kind to myself.  I choose to live with wisdom, strength, courage and harmonious conditions.  I have the power within me to choose my thoughts and create my reality. I remain within my truth. 

Week 9 – Still Working This!

The_Master_Key_SystemTwo years ago I was on this Master Keys Journey for the first time, last year I was one of the Certified Guides supporting the new members while they embraced the teachings incorporated within this Master Keys Experience.  This year I am a Master Guide working along side some of the most amazing graduates and the most phenomenal group of new members.  

I am Still Working This!!! 

As Guides – we’ve “been there and done that” but one of our tasks is we are not to foreshadow any of the nifty things which are going to come about.  Allowing each member to experience this for themselves.  This truly is a self-discovery class. 

That said, I’ve been patiently (truly) waiting on this week 9 to arrive so I could share this again. The phrase and it’s corresponding benefits really truly resonate with me – I reflect on it – I use it – consistently.   I had a business card holder engraved with the phrase from this week so that I am constantly in touch with it and reminded of the verbiage.  

Last year I was doodling and came up with a correlating drawing of what this means to me. I’ve included both the Poem I wrote 2 years ago and the art work I created to go with it.  Enjoy!   

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We read, in week 9 of The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel, [1919], the most wonderfully fulfilling and all encompassing affirmation. 

Haanel states “It cannot be improved upon.”  Frederick Andrews offered “Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it.”

I do not try to improve upon – only expand upon it to allow myself to understand what this statement means to me. I offer my writing here, to affirm this for myself and for any whom it resonates for.  Thank you for allowing.  I share it with an abundance of love and blessings to all who read on!


I am the exact combination needed for me to be everything I am
I am complete within, without and with myself
The world is within me and I am within the world
I am and continue to be whole

With who and what I am
With where and how I am
The why continues to unfold
As I am and will be, I am perfect

Enough to recognize what is required and to do whatever it takes
Strong for myself and for others
For the child within me and for the dharma which is my due
I am willingly and continuously strong

With an inner connection driven from an unlimited source
An ability to be what is needed and what is desired
What is within me vibrates outward lighting the cosmos
I am freely and joyously powerful

To all whom I interact with on a daily basis
For those whom I do not know but who may need my love
An absolute truth which radiates from my centre
Without prejudice or exception, I am loving

Of one mind with the ultimate purpose
I stand with truth for myself and others
My actions are in keeping with what is required
I am socially and peacefully harmonious

To and beyond what I imagine
I share the bountiful and continuous fruits received
Willingly accepting what is offered
I am overwhelmingly and gratefully happy

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

Carolynn Sokil, 12.1.13

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Estoy integra, perfecta, fuerte, poderosa, amorosa, armoniosa y feliz. 

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Week 8 – Please…Not THAT Obstacle Again!

Og Mandino wrote “I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.”   Turns out I may not have learned enough the first round…I received the obstacle again! 

Back in March of this year my Outlook imploded on me. Turns out I had almost 11.5 GB of email data.  Unfortunately it was not backed up, nor was it set up to archive – so when it crashed, I lost everything from the prior 3 years!  My DoWoo observation that day was titled “Involuntary Cleanse” When the technician helped me to set up Outlook again, he set up incoming folders for my 4 email address which are supposed to ensure this implosion did not happen again. YEAH!  

system restoreThis past Thursday evening I accidentally deleted one of these incoming folders. I immediately called IT and explained what I had done. The technician offered to do a restore from an hour prior which would then allow this folder to reappear.  YEAH!  The system restore commenced.  

An hour later when my computer restarted, all my settings, my set up, my programs GONE!!! Not only did I not have my Outlook folder back – my entire Outlook was gone. 

no negativeRecently, within the Master Key Experience course we introduced the process of the 7 Day Mental Diet.  I started over about 15 times within the next 30 minutes. After this “short” time I managed to realign my thoughts. The 2nd technician confirmed the programs were all gone but my documents remained. He could not find anything which looked like Outlook email files. My heart dropped into my stomach. Again??

Knowing we needed to get up in 4 hours to see Gregory off on his first school trip (the bus was due to leave at 4 am), I decided to wait till the following day to continue the attempt at recovery. I asked Walter whether he thought it was possible the outlook files could materialize between now and tomorrow. He wholeheartedly stated yes!  I read week 8’s Master Key, sat for 15 minutes and went to bed with the matra of “I greet this day, my challenges and my computer with love in my heart.”  I know what we think about becomes our reality. 

the crumbling boxAfter 4 hours online with the 3rd technician, we had downloaded the Microsoft Office suite of programs AND my email folder was found.  I am grateful for the ability to pull out all the tools at my disposal because of the Master Key Experience.  Had this happened prior to what I have learned in this course….well, I won’t even share what the “old me” would have done (would not have been a pretty sight – LOL).

Approaching this obstacle again has reminded me further action must be taken (ie: cloud storage back up).  It has also reminded me to realign what is important. I mentally ran through what I may have lost and realized only one thing could have had significant impact and I had (only days prior) created a printed version of those emails. Whew! 

During last Sunday’s webcast, the staff spoke about changing how we proceed through each situation of the day. To go from a reactionary state of “stimulus – response” to a state of awareness “stimulus-CHOICE-response”.  I have the power to influence my thoughts, my actions, my reactions.  I did. Thank you for taking time to read a glimpse into my continued journey of self-discovery.


Week 7 – A 10 Year Old’s Perspective On The Scrolls

This is our 3rd round participating in the Master Key Experience; our 2nd year as guides. This year we chose to involve our 10 year old son a bit more into the exercises, the readings. He has been reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino with us. 

read aloudWhile he reads in silence during the day, each evening, we read aloud together. We lay down across the bed together and take turns. Gregory amazed me during Scroll I - when by the end of the 30 days he was able to read aloud from memory.

Saturday he had his first Costa Rican sleep over – a young boy from his class at school. After loads of outdoor fun, electronics, eating 3 pieces of pizza each, a banana split topped with Canadian maple syrup, and a huge bowl of popcorn, 2 movies (1 in English with Spanish subtitles and the other reversed) it was time for the boys to head to bed. 

Greg asked me how we were going to read Og. He seemed torn and shuffled his feet, as if he were embarrassed….reading aloud in front of his friend….hmmm. I asked him if he wanted to read an additional time tomorrow to which he responded “I cannot substitute another for it” (directly from Scroll I – a not so subtle reminder…what was I thinking suggesting this!?). We explained to Gregory’s friend in Spanish that each evening we read aloud together, as a family.  And so we did! Sitting at the couch while his friend looked on.   All good! 

This month we are concentrating on Scroll II – “I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

Yesterday, Gregory came home from school and explained what had transpired. There is a boy in his class, a bit older than he is, who has been bullying him these past few weeks. 2 significant instances were brought to the attention of their teacher who ended up having a conversation with the boy in question. It got to the point where 2 of his friends explained to the teacher what had happened, as the one time she did not witness the incident herself. Gregory commented, “Where there are bullies, there are your friends.”

soccer ballBack to yesterday….he explained to us that this same young boy had taken Gregory’s soccer ball during outside time and refused to give it back. Gregory stopped, smiled at him and in his head said “I love you.”  The young boy returned Gregory’s soccer ball! 

What I find fascinating is our 10 year old’s grasp of the concepts. He applies the words to his daily existence. When reading what he calls his ‘favourite part’ of Scroll II last night, while a thunder storm passed through, pounding on the roof, he added his own commentary….

I will love the sun for it warms my bones (mmm…yes!);  yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit (outside, right now). I will love the light for it shows me the way (points up at the lights in our room); yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars (looks outside and comments not so much right now). I will welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart (hmmm, leans over and snuggles me); yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul (later). I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due (so when do I receive my rewards?); yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge (names the young boy at school).

I’ve said it before and I anticipate saying it numerous times to come, I have embraced the concept that part of my dharma is to be the mother of this young man, to be here teaching him what we have learned, guiding him to live his life in a way we did not find until we were much older. AND I also accept that he chose us as his parents, to show us the way, reminding us what is important and all which is to be held close. 

I thank you for reading and allowing me to share a glimpse into our family day. May your journey be as eventful as ours is!  May you have an abundance of blessings! 

Week 6 – What Does Your Day Look Like?

Participating along side my team while guiding them through the Master Key Experience has been humbling and rewarding.  Being privy to snippets of others lives, dreams and hopes. Here is a snippet from Tammy…I am inspired!

Week 6 MKMMA

I think it’s safe to say that for as long as I can remember (years) that I just woke up to get through the day and then to go to bed and do it all again in the morning. Maybe that’s how it is for most parents. I regularly call my life ‘Ground Hog Day’

I cook, clean, cook , find the lost thing, do laundry, solve a major war, cook, clean, play taxi, clean, find the lost thing again, clean the kids, clean the bathroom after cleaning the kids, clean the house enough that I can sleep in it and then fall asleep to wake up and do it all again less than 10 hours later. It is my own ground hog day. Then in comes….

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Week 5 – No Opinions. Or…?

no opinionI admit this is one of the areas I consistently work on.  I also wish to ‘happy dance’ for myself having concentrated on this specifically for over a year during my “DoWoo” stage.    In the Master Key Experience course, we are tasked with holding our opinions – both last week and this.  Many I’ve spoken to, or read their blog posts, are like me…they had no idea they had so many opinions. 

Initially it was truly an interesting exercise to wrap my head around until I got the hang of it. And then, when I moved to Costa Rica it seems like most of those I interacted with initially had an opinion about something or someone! Strictly an observation. 

While I enjoy the philosophy of not having an opinion, I more thoroughly enjoy the exercise of observing.  So…when I do catch myself having an opinion about something, I breaking it down into its core observation – this makes my brain work!   It allows me to look at things in a totally different light than I would have in the past.  Allow me to give you an example. 

Up till now I have lived in Canada, only making short trips to warmer locations close to the equator.  I had always looked at the moon as being one of these shapes. 


Then just after this past full moon here in Costa Rica, where the country lies between 8 and 11 degrees north of the equator, I observed something I had not anticipated.  This is the general gist of the moon phases here!


Same moon. Same planet earth. Same sun. Different perspective.  

All it took to observe this was to get out of the house and look up! Back to my favourite saying from Wayne Dyer – If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

Realizing your thoughts may be an opinion and choosing to look at whatever it is you are having an opinion on “differently”….allowing yourself to observe it – this is a gift only we can give ourselves.  Why not give it a try?

Week 4 – Amazing Heartfelt Observations

Although I have only met Rachel via webcam….Rachel has a BIG spirit. It shines through in her eyes and her dedication to others. I am honoured to be here to share in her Master Key Experience journey! 

Peptide BondMaster Key- Week Four “An Addict???”

My mother’s father died from Alcoholism.  My father’s mother died from lung cancer, caused by years of smoking.  I grew up knowing that addiction was a part of my families history, it was no secret.  I didn’t want to know if I was an addict so I made a decision at a young age to refrain from addictive substances.  If I never tried them, I could avoid becoming an addict.  Right?

That is what I thought until this week!  I may not be an addict to alcohol or tobacco but I have become an addict to my emotional state. I am pretty sure Mark said, ” If I can’t control it, I must be addicted to it!”  That has stuck with me all week.  My big “A-ha” moment.  The cells of my body crave the peptides that release when I lose my temper!  I am not happy about this and for years have struggled with the helpless feeling of not being in control.

Now I have the tools of the MKMMA to reprogram my cells.  I am learning….

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Week 3 – Yoga Connection

Even though I have only dabbled with Yoga, this hit home for me.  GREAT observations from Linda!

Week 3 – Generating Healing Energy

solar plexusSide Note: Every day I have a new epiphany while reading something out of the Master Keys. Cool. When I want to access that epiphany later to blog about it my mind shuts the door and locks the key. Nothing. Nope. Nada. I clam up like a class of 5th graders in inquisition.

Thought: I remember that the first step of any endeavor is to get out of our own way (or my own head) and Just Do It, and do it NOW. OK. Bear with me as I bare my thoughts.

One of the notes I wrote while re-writing my Dharma (Definite Main Purpose) is to allow it to be what it needs to be. It only needs to be right for me. That epiphany was freeing. It allowed my thoughts to flow freely without judgement or having to get it “right”. After re-writing my Dharma, reading it this week has brought more clarity and purpose to my day.

My favorite read for the week comes from the Master Keys Part Three as it describes the Solar Plexus and the way it is controlled automatically through the Sympathetic Nervous System (our unconscious or involuntary system). Of course that makes sense. We don’t need to think about it…unless we want to change the programming. That requires voluntary action from the cerebro-spinal system, or our conscious awareness.

As a yoga instructor I teach and observe students and how they move and transition through the physical asana practice. There is an….

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Week 2 – Perspective from Biz!

The first thing I noticed about Biz was her ability to be true to herself.   This ability combined with her scholarship have already created some amazing observations…..

MKMMA Week 2: I Always Keep My Promises

I haven’t had much experience with farming or gardening. But this week, several parts of the readings and even the webinar gave me a whole new appreciation for the miracles that happen when farmers and gardeners prepare fields and soil, plant seeds, and then TRUST and BELIEVE that Nature will keep its promises, just as it always has.

Shortly into this week’s webinar, the speaker talked about planting a bulb and enthusiastically looking forward to the tulip, hyacinth, or crocus flower it would produce. I laughed when she then said “No sane person would dream of planting the flower and expect a bulb to come up. That’s totally backwards. Yet in our general life, many of us do just that.” Yep, been there, done that.

I also have a renewed and profound appreciation for how my ….

To read more about Biz and her Master Key journey, please check out her blog HERE.  Have a blessed day! 


Week 1- MKE Year 3

year3It has been a wonderful road I chose to take 2 years ago. And now…we are starting a 3rd year together – participating as Master Guides in the Master Key Experience.  I can only image being exactly where I am (and that’s a good thing!) I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many people from the same graduating class as me reach the goals they set for themselves…some having exceeded what they thought they were aiming for. I’ve had the honour of guiding some amazing students last year and seeing them soar. What a phenomenal space to be in.

We chose to include our son this year.  The verbiage needs to be explained but he’s getting the hang of it – especially having listened to us for the last 2 years….and we moved to Costa Rica – so he KNOWS what you think about CAN become your reality. Now we get to help teach him what is within the Master Keys. 

We were breaking down the week 1 Master Key by Charles Haanel for him – paragraph by paragraph.  Paragraph 4:  This is true because we must “be” before we can “do”, and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are”, and what we “are” depends upon what we “think”. 

When we asked him to explain it back to us – he chose someone thinking about being a famous rock star. He got stumped on the ‘are’ and asked us to explain again. We explained that you ‘are’ only what you truly believe – so the stronger your thoughts mixed with true belief allows you to know you ‘are’ this thought.  OK – so he then said someone chooses to think they are a famous rock star and then he does all the things, practices what he needs to do, to be the rock star and after he does this then he can be the rock star. 


not be do haveNumerous times in my network marketing career I’ve heard people share “Be. Do. Have” as their mantra.  The explanation – first you must be the person you wish to be, then you must do the things the person you wish to be should be doing, then and only then will you have the things you wish to have.

MKE1.4Pondering this…I believe ‘having’ is irrelevant.  It’s about thinking, believing, knowing you are, then doing and then being.  AND the key is adding feeling to your thoughts and your beliefs – at the core.  When you travel this way, and remove the material stuff (the having) you concentrate on the end result of being who you were meant to be.  

Being!  THIS is your purpose. This is what you get to find within the Master Key Experience.