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Master Key Week 16 – Time is Irrelevant When Humour Reigns

images (12)I received some sad news mid this week. The doctor in charge of my mom’s palliative care informed her, and us, she now has a very short time left. The phrase the doctor used is mom’s body is winding down.  So not being hungry, things not tasting good enough to want to eat, being tired and week all the time, and just wanting to sleep, are all signs the body is winding down.  Personally I haven’t heard this phrase but it seemed gentler…kinder, somehow.

marvins sisterUp till now, no matter how poorly my mom felt, she would rally. When she was diagnosed with cancer about 6 years ago at the age of 79, she went through a significant operation, months of chemotherapy and 26 rounds of radiation over a 5 week period – spending her 80th birthday fighting cancer. It was brutal to watch what it did to her.  I remember sharing my thoughts on visualization…recommending she imagine each time she was going through her treatment there was a little guy inside with a laser gun zapping all the cancer cells to dust.  Personally I pictured Marvin the Martian.

Less than a year ago she was told the cancer was back. She was surprised and disappointed as she figured she’d beaten the odds – they had given it a 5 year window – and she had almost reached that point. Her immediate direction to the doctor was to operate and take it out of her. While operating was not considered to be an option, they did try chemotherapy. This was too much for her body to handle and the treatment was stopped.

When the doctor told her a month ago she had months not years left, her comment was “I am going to live longer than that doctor thinks I am, I am going for another oxygen treatment”!  This is a woman who despite all odds continues to fight.

I’m schedule to drop over tomorrow morning.  I’ve been giving this much thought in the 2 days since we were informed. I cannot imagine what my mom is feeling. But I do recognize that this is not for me to be concerned with (remember what I wrote yesterday…accept the things I cannot change). What she feels, thinks, believes, imagines…they are all hers and hers alone. What I CAN offer is what I have always offered my mom – a daughter who tells it the way it is but somehow manages to put a twist of humour in – encouraging laughter whenever possible.


Master Key Week 15 – In the Flow & Taking Initiative

k12064258Had a wonderfully fulfilling day each day this week. On one particular day I packing 1 full of Christmas stuff which we are keeping and 3 bins of stuff to garage sale, give away or donation. No questions on most stuff with only the odd discussion with Walter to confirm keep or give. Managed to clear out the dining room cabinets of all the oddities. Had already called my brother about our grandmother’s mantel clock and dropped it off on Wednesday.


My Bookcase


“Wanted” Bookcase in Ad

Walter and I discussed the antique bookcase I have had since I moved out of my parents place many many years ago. I don’t recall when this book shelf arrived in our household but I know we had it since before I was 9 – and it may have been around a lot longer than that. We can’t take it with us as the wood would not survive the climate and Greg would most likely not want it as a pass down. So I went on line and started researching what the possible value could be.  THEN I narrowed my search by adding in our location and low and behold there was someone looking for exactly what we have – they even had a picture of what they were looking for and it matched our bookcase – right down to the markings on the metal straps on the side.


I sent off the picture to the interested party with an estimate of what we would like to ask for it. They responded asking for more pictures.  I had faith in the flow.  2 days later, we agreed on a price and money exchanged hands to solidify the deal! I love how when you “key” something with the lessons from the Master Key Experience amazing results take place. 

flow-1i8gl86It is a very interesting thing…this going with the flow. It allows you to observe more…. I was speaking with a friend of mine earlier this week and she mentioned all the “ah ha” moments she has read about in my 365 daily blog posts.  Upon reflection I realize that is indeed the purpose and benefit of reflection!

If one does not take time to consider what one is doing…how can one change how one interacts, acts and responds to their external world.  Walter commented this evening that he was appreciative of my response when I was in the heat of the #CBHF, allowing him to redirect me to where he believed I needed to go, providing me with the tools I needed to embrace.  I thanked him for his appreciation and for persevering through my #CBHF! 

Volunteer.This week our assignment within the Master Key is to consider how we have witnessed certain virtues. I am concentrating on witnessing “Taking Initiative”.  I did this throughout this week…more than a few times – including offering an ergonomic alteration for Walter’s desk to help with neck strain, reaching out to people I have not spoken to in ages through Linked-In, accepted a request to connect with someone I have been estranged from for over a year, the above situation with the bookcase.  Gregory also participated by choosing to set his alarm earlier than usual so he could get ready for school before we did our morning workout.   My friend within the Digital Connections rocked her involvement and presentation material on Monday last resulting in a solid learning tool for the entire class. 

All in all – this week was 7 blessed days! I am most grateful. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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Master Key Week 14 – Your Mission….

Reprinted from my original Master Key Week 14 – interesting reflection on my journey from a year ago..

Mission Possible

should you choose to accept it, involves…”

send-self-destructing-spy-messages-via-google-docs-texts-and-private-links.w654watching one movie from either: October Sky, Cool Runnings, Door-to-Door, Rudy. Look for the 4 tiny habits of persistence: a Definite Major Purpose (DMP – backed by a burning desire), a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), a Plan of Action (POA – just about reprogrammed myself for this acronym as it has read Power of Attorney for 20+ years) and a Master Mind Alliance (MMA – where 2 or more are in harmony with 1 DMP). Then write about it in this week’s blog post. 

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.


9137513We watched the first 2 choices: October Sky & Cool Runnings.  In identifying each of the 4 habits, their DMPs were what really had the light bulb dancing above my head (harmonic back up in stereo of course).  It was not “save the world” or “bring food to thousands in need” – it was “I’m going to build a rocket!” and “I’m going to compete in the Olympics!”

I’m not implying that either of the gentlemen portrayed in these movies had simplistic or selfish desires – nor is wanting to save the world or feed the hungry anything less than noble – it’s just not where either of these two started their journey.  Ultimately what they accomplished did “change” the world – just not necessarily in a direct humanitarian or philanthropic manner (within the movie time line).

download (1)Determination! They both saw the end result of their desire as something which was their due.  This is where the electricity within me turned up the light bulb AND the sound!

I must cease trying to create a purpose based upon WHAT I want.   I must dig down into my heart, my soul, my centre – and see WHO I AM. THAT is my DMP.  What I do with myself, when I am the person of my DMP, is where my further desires of humanitarian and philanthropic actions may be realized to their fullest.  First I must become that person. 

download (2)Do you feel the vibration – the shift of thought taking place – the electrons running towards each other to create what is now being realized as my chosen reality?

Woo Hoo! Here we go!

0364320_28461_MC_T 89770437f83b87cde8cd56ceeb6132aeNow – both of the 2 main characters were in a situation which did not encourage their dream: being part of a town who believe their young men either grow up to play football or work alongside their fathers in the coal mine; or bobsledding when you have never even seen ice, cannot really practice and have no idea what cold really is. These environments resulted in quite a bit of opposition (read “negative minded people”).

Even with the onslaught of “reality” coming to kick their butts, they both chose to remain positive (PMA) and not listen to those who wanted to keep them where they were.

A plan – there is always a plan!!  And most of the time it goes nothing like you thought it would (that’s where life throws curve balls to keep you on your toes – to make sure where you thought you were going is REALLY where you wanted to go).

Both of these 2 heroes were willing to do what it took (building and crashing rocket after rocket after rocket or flashing pictures of each turn in order, again and again and again) to get where they were going. Each chose to practice and repeat! Adjust, practice and repeat. Adjust again, practice and repeat. Nothing was going to stop them!

oct_l Cool-Runnings7Lastly, we add in to the mix their Master Mind Alliance:  Homer did not know the first things about rockets so found one team member who had the rocket knowledge and added his two other friends – all who had a similar desire to get out of Coalwood – not end up in the mine; Derice was no longer a runner doing his own thing – he needed 3 others to make up his bobsled team, each with their own idea of doing more than what was laid out by others. 

Each of the ‘team’ members had different desires but they worked with the burning desire of the main DMP.  This is where the alliance truly shines.  If there is no common ground which all parties are committed to, there is no synergy. With synergy, each group soared!  Literally in both these cases.

But a MMA does not just include those within the close confines of the team – it includes others for what they bring to the table, when they are needed:  the coach who knows where to get a sled; the machinist who knows what kind of metal the boys needed.

One must be open to the universe providing the required components in unexpected ways.

Roll with it!  The universe knows all the possible permutations.  Believe that you get closer each step, each day, each moment as long as you maintain your desire!

May you be empowered with a clear DMP, an unending PMA,
a well defined POA, and a productive MMA!  

Thank you for stopping by this week!

Carolynn Sokil  

When the Jamaican boys were discussing what to name their sled,
and Derice chose  “Cool Runnings”, he commented that it meant
“Peace be the Journey.”  
Mahalo, Mark & Davene! 

Master Key Week 13 – Sandwich Generation

If you’ve stuck with me you will have heard reference to Walter and my parent’s recent health concerns.  I’m one of many they call the “sandwich generation” – where we are parents with our children who we are caring for and we are children to our aging parents for whom we care for.   Interestingly as I am the youngest of my siblings – the rest have mostly grown kids or already grandparents with our aging mother.  I wonder…does that make them a triple decker sandwich?

As it was not too long ago I was taking care of our little man, I started pondering the similarities of the newborn to our aged elderly parents.  Please feel free to add to this list in the comment section below:  

  • Life_2d8fa7_550894without teeth
  • eating liquids, slowly moving towards solids
  • having little to no hair, only the rare one has the full head
  • no control of our bodily functions
  • sleeping a lot!
  • spending most of the time laying around in bed while others take care of our needs

We start with a date. We end with a date.  The middle is referred to as our “dash”.  What we do in the middle – between birth and death is who we were in this life.  

In considering this and so many other thoughts of a similar nature today I came across this list by Bronnie Ware – a palliative care nurse who polled her patients responses in their last days in hopes to uncover any regrets so others may learn. 

15e236dTop 10 Regrets Of The Dying

  1. I never pursued my dreams and aspirations.
  2. I worked too much and never made time for my family.
  3. I should have made more time for my friends.
  4. I should have said ‘I love you’ a lot more.
  5. I should have spoken my mind instead of holding back and resenting things.
  6. I should have been the bigger person and resolved my problems.
  7. I wish I had children.
  8. I should have saved more money for my retirement.
  9. Not having the courage to live truthfully.
  10. Happiness is a Choice, I wish I knew that earlier.

Thank goodness for the Master Key Class.  It allows us to address all of the above! Onward my friends. We hold the greatest gift in our hands. Let’s maximize the Experience!!! 

the master key experience

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Master Key Week 12 – Going With The Flow

20141213_101001This past weekend Gregory was out playing with his dog in the yard. He came to the back door to ask me if I had any snow pants. I got my (newly purchased – specifically for this purpose) snow pants on and went outside. He had built a snow man for which I took a picture to remember the moment by, participated in a snow ball fight, rolled in the snow enjoying the crispness without bitter cold and spent time swinging on the lounge swing – all while Christmas carols played through the window from the office speakers. It was glorious.

416nhr-S6pL._SX300_This evening Gregory explained something from his perspective. Earlier this week we came across a light we had used in his room a few years back.  It has a bundle of fiber optic straws which fan out in to a mushroom shaped and while on turns a number of different colours – fading in and out between each. We were sitting in his chair for our evening cuddle and he turned to me to explain about the light. He stated thelight is brighter when the rotation is turned off.  “It’s like a current” he said.  “There are 2 doors and when 1 door is open all the power from the batteries go to the light but then when you open the other door, both doors are now open, and the power has to go to 2 separate spots – so less gets to the light part.”   Interesting how he took an explanation of how a light switch turns on and off across a room from the light – and deduced the rest.

It’s like our ability to manifest what we think about.  If we only open 1 door (let’s say the positive side) then all our energy flow will go towards that aspect of what light we wish to shine (I’m having fun with the analogy here).  So our positive side will shine brightly! 

However, if we open both doors (positive and negative) then our energy flow towards both – giving power to the negative and diming the positive light.

Fork in the river

The power of electricity and the power of our mind are both referenced within Haanel’s Master Key.  Both are immutable and neither are truly understood.  However, when attached to a mechanism which work they will accomplish amazing things.  Now that we know it is just a matter of 2 doors…and it’s totally our choice to open one (either) or both…which way will your day flow?  

I certainly enjoyed the positive current today.  It was pure utter joy! 

Master Key Week 11 – Leave the HOW to the END

foot downI put my foot down…AND I have to admit…it feels bloody fantastic!

beach-house-1152x864Shortly after meeting each other Walter asked me “Can you picture yourself living on a beach…in a hut?” It was an emphatic answer YES!!!!

So…fast forward to present day (12 years lager) and I ask myself ‘What HAVE we done (besides get married and grow a child)?  We have this vision in our mind of a little piano bar – called Loud Smiles (of course). The ‘where’ took a few years to fine tune – Costa Rica. And similar to our good friends who live in Kauai now (rather than brrr Boston, MA where they hailed from) once we landed in this fantastic country we chose – it felt like home.  That was almost 5 years ago.

What has irked me since then is that our ‘when’ keeps moving farther and farther away.


I also admit our‘plan on ‘how’ to get to Costa Rica has had numerous twists and turns. Challenges which have encouraged me to wallow in strife, frustration and yes, even tears.


don't need stuffWhile I admit i like ‘stuff’ I don’t NEED ‘stuff’. A simplistic life is all I desire. My only requirements: Walter, Gregory, our adopted daughter (from there – once we get there), the dog (of course) and it needs to be in a warmer climate with a laid back ‘island time’ feel. I envision this as a place and space where I can reconnect back to what is important – my family and my artistic side, spending hours creating – a place where people are not concerned with what you drive and how big a home you have – being who I was meant to be – to myself and my family.

WHAT have I done instead?  My time has been spent working in a hectic corporate environment, then it has been spent creating alternate businesses to allow me to work from home, all the while remaining trapped with financial responsibilities and surrounded by the possessions of our material world.


I don’t honestly know.

Upon reflection it appears I was doing what I thought one needed to do to get where we wanted to go.  We work hard. We save. We work some more. We hopefully save some more. And EVENTUALLY we get to go there. The same way most people go to school to get a degree to work for someone else to eventually work their way up the ladder, to retire so they can hopefully do the things they always wanted to do.

I was concentrating on the HOW.


While having a healthy nest egg in the bank before we leave for Costa Rica may be ‘optimum’… I’m now realizing – truly recognizing – what I’ve been doing to myself in order to get there.   THIS is where my foot came down.  I am a talented, smart, creative, personable person (hey, that felt GOOD!). I can do just about anything business wise and if there is something new I need to know in order to earn a living – I’m also a very quick learner.

The decision has been made. We are all in agreement. We have the where. We now have the when.  It’s the HOW which is not known but also no longer a concern.

There are the 6 questions we are to ask ourselves: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? and HOW? How has always been part of this group but was – like the song on Sesame Street “one of those things which is not like the other”: It did not start with a W.

epiphanyWe are to concentrate only on the Ws.  It’s not our place to figure out the HOW.  That one is spelt differently for a reason – with the W at the end rather than the beginning. So that’s where we will leave HOW – at the end – allowing it to take care of itself – to unfold AFTER everything else has been taken care of.

So – it seems similar to the BE DO HAVE.  You must first BE.  Then you DO. THEN and only THEN will you HAVE what you envisioned.

YEAH!    “I persist until I succeed!”

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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Master Key Week 10 – The Synchronicity of It All

Pieces of my life just keep getting more intertwined. We have people who have come into our lives who we think are in our life for one particular reason and then BAM! you interact in a totally different way and something completely unique starts to unfold.  

137038I recall reading “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra. Although it has been over 10 years one of the things I recall him outlining was once you are aware of something – say you just purchased a yellow mustang convertible, you will immediately start seeing other yellow mustang convertibles, yellow cars, convertibles everywhere. Coincidence? Or Synchronicity? 

I reached out to a colleague of mine about our business. Our two and a half hour conversation included about 10 minutes (towards the later part of the chat) about why I had asked to connect. The rest of the time we went off onto other tangents and ended up inspiring each other in totally different avenues we had not even known about each other until this talk.  Design or Coincidence? 

One of the things I know how to work with is when something inspiring happens – I run with it. I don’t look at it and ask why or ignore it because it was not what I was originally looking for. I am already envisioning the ideas we discussed and am truly excited to hear the results of my friends actions as they unfold. 

1065303669While searching for a picture of Deepak’s book, I ran across other interesting images. The first being an excerpt from the book about a man’s proposal.  

I can relate my own SynchroDestiny here. The day I met my husband Walter. Both our first time to an event our employers required us to attend. Neither of us wanting to be there after a long day at the office. Seeing each other for the first time across our assigned table. Our emails crossing in cyber-space the next morning. All leading to what we have today!

8578999595_8b08bb55ce_zI also saw a picture which struck me as totally stunning…and this quote:

“The trees must breathe so I can breathe.” Deepak Chopra

How apt is that?  We are all part of the whole. We are all intertwined. We affect each other and are there in order to serve one another. 

080a143dcd603738f89d748966b44c14AND lastly I found instructions on how to allow this universal energy to speak to you – to aid you in revealing and recognizing your direction.

This is how I started to paint at 46 years of age – finding a talent I did not know existed within me.  Imagine what else is within which I have not unlocked?

What do YOU have within you which is just waiting to be revealed?  

Thank you to the rightI thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share in this journey. It has certainly been an interesting roller coaster of a ride. I look forward to the balance of twists and turns. I’m all buckled in and have my two men beside me.

What more could one woman ask for?

Enjoy your day and may it be filled with an abundance of blessings. Just remember they may not look exactly like what you expected. Cheers!


Master Key Week 9 – Poetry & Art From “The World Within”

The_Master_Key_SystemA year ago I was on this Master Keys Journey for the first time – now I am one of the Guides being available to support this years members so they may embrace the teachings incorporated within this Master Keys Experience.  

As Guides – we’ve “been there and done that” but one of our tasks is we are not to foreshadow any of the nifty things which are going to come about.  Allowing each member to experience this for themselves.  This truly is a self-discovery class. 

That said, I’ve been patiently (truly) waiting on this week 9 to arrive so I could share this again. The phrase and it’s corresponding benefits really truly resonate with me – I reflect on it – I use it – consistently.   I had a business card holder engraved with the phrase from this week so that I am constantly in touch with it and reminded of the verbiage.  

A few months ago I was doodling and came up with a correlating drawing of what this means to me.  It’s what I’m currently using as my Picture on Twitter. I’ve included both the Poem I wrote last year and the art work I created to go with it.  Enjoy!   

decorative-line-divider bottom

We read, in week 9 of The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel, [1919], the most wonderfully fulfilling and all encompassing affirmation. 

Haanel states “It cannot be improved upon.”  Frederick Andrews offered “Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it.”

I do not try to improve upon – only expand upon it to allow myself to understand what this statement means to me. I offer my writing here, to affirm this for myself and for any whom it resonates for.  Thank you for allowing.  I share it with an abundance of love and blessings to all who read on!


I am the exact combination needed for me to be everything I am
I am complete within, without and with myself
The world is within me and I am within the world
I am and continue to be whole

With who and what I am
With where and how I am
The why continues to unfold
As I am and will be, I am perfect

Enough to recognize what is required and to do whatever it takes
Strong for myself and for others
For the child within me and for the dharma which is my due
I am willingly and continuously strong

With an inner connection driven from an unlimited source
An ability to be what is needed and what is desired
What is within me vibrates outward lighting the cosmos
I am freely and joyously powerful

To all whom I interact with on a daily basis
For those whom I do not know but who may need my love
An absolute truth which radiates from my centre
Without prejudice or exception, I am loving

Of one mind with the ultimate purpose
I stand with truth for myself and others
My actions are in keeping with what is required
I am socially and peacefully harmonious

To and beyond what I imagine
I share the bountiful and continuous fruits received
Willingly accepting what is offered
I am overwhelmingly and gratefully happy

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

Carolynn Sokil, 12.1.13

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Master Key Week 8 – The “Other” Heart

poghnvqfk81azzoDo you remember being little and doing whatever you could possibly do to extend going to bed? Not brushing your teeth so you got to get up again. Needing more water. Forgetting to go to the bathroom. Needing to get your night time hug or cuddle in (again!).  Greg seems to be going through this type of routine right now.

bearhugThe other night Greg asked Walter for one more cuddle to which Walter explained that Gregory is always getting a cuddle because he (Walter) is always thinking about Gregory and envisioning the best of everything with lots of love. So he is constantly wrapped in a continuous all-day cuddle of love. 

two-hearts1Gregory called out to to Walter as he was leaving the bedroom and said: “There are 2 kinds of hearts.”  Whether this was delay tactic # 642 or not, it was good enough to have Walter walking back into Greg’s room. How is that?   “There is one heart which pumps your blood and another which gives all the love.”   Interesting DoWoo from our 9 year old.  

044-upanishads-meditation-on-the-door-keepers-vayu-and-the-heart-chakra1My carryover from Scroll I was:  

“As I repeat the words daily  they become a part of my active mind, but more important, they seep into my other mind, that mysterious source, which never sleeps, which creates my dreams and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.”

So…if we have 2 minds (the active and the other), we most certainly can have 2 hearts.  We just need to fill the other one with love so it seeps out into the world.  

How did you spread love today? 

I DoWoo’d – Did You?


Master Key Week 7 – ? marks the spot!

Was looking for a particular video of our son when he was younger but came across the one below.  Greg was just under 5 when we went back to the Dominican Republic to show him where Mommy & Daddy got married – and to enjoy a few weeks on the beach. We watched parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  The next day Walter explained that he overheard pirates at the eatery by the pool talking about misplacing their treasure map. They went in search of it. What transpired could be indicative of all our hopes and dreams.  

An alignment of where we are relative to everything shown.

A trek out to the farthest point to get perspective.

A run down the coast line until you spot what you are looking for.

Careful examination of your new position.  

Purposeful strides to…you guessed it…X marks the spot.