Week 2 – Perspective from Biz!

The first thing I noticed about Biz was her ability to be true to herself.   This ability combined with her scholarship have already created some amazing observations…..

MKMMA Week 2: I Always Keep My Promises

I haven’t had much experience with farming or gardening. But this week, several parts of the readings and even the webinar gave me a whole new appreciation for the miracles that happen when farmers and gardeners prepare fields and soil, plant seeds, and then TRUST and BELIEVE that Nature will keep its promises, just as it always has.

Shortly into this week’s webinar, the speaker talked about planting a bulb and enthusiastically looking forward to the tulip, hyacinth, or crocus flower it would produce. I laughed when she then said “No sane person would dream of planting the flower and expect a bulb to come up. That’s totally backwards. Yet in our general life, many of us do just that.” Yep, been there, done that.

I also have a renewed and profound appreciation for how my ….

To read more about Biz and her Master Key journey, please check out her blog HERE.  Have a blessed day! 


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Perspective from Biz!

  1. Biz Burnett

    Muchas Gracias and Mahalo, dear Carolynn, for your faith in me. I feel the love! And since our phone chat last week, your “loud smiles” are echoing in my heart. xox


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