Week 4 – Amazing Heartfelt Observations

Although I have only met Rachel via webcam….Rachel has a BIG spirit. It shines through in her eyes and her dedication to others. I am honoured to be here to share in her Master Key Experience journey! 

Peptide BondMaster Key- Week Four “An Addict???”

My mother’s father died from Alcoholism.  My father’s mother died from lung cancer, caused by years of smoking.  I grew up knowing that addiction was a part of my families history, it was no secret.  I didn’t want to know if I was an addict so I made a decision at a young age to refrain from addictive substances.  If I never tried them, I could avoid becoming an addict.  Right?

That is what I thought until this week!  I may not be an addict to alcohol or tobacco but I have become an addict to my emotional state. I am pretty sure Mark said, ” If I can’t control it, I must be addicted to it!”  That has stuck with me all week.  My big “A-ha” moment.  The cells of my body crave the peptides that release when I lose my temper!  I am not happy about this and for years have struggled with the helpless feeling of not being in control.

Now I have the tools of the MKMMA to reprogram my cells.  I am learning….

To read more about Rachel’s observations, click HERE

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