Week 8 – Please…Not THAT Obstacle Again!

Og Mandino wrote “I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.”   Turns out I may not have learned enough the first round…I received the obstacle again! 

Back in March of this year my Outlook imploded on me. Turns out I had almost 11.5 GB of email data.  Unfortunately it was not backed up, nor was it set up to archive – so when it crashed, I lost everything from the prior 3 years!  My DoWoo observation that day was titled “Involuntary Cleanse” When the technician helped me to set up Outlook again, he set up incoming folders for my 4 email address which are supposed to ensure this implosion did not happen again. YEAH!  

system restoreThis past Thursday evening I accidentally deleted one of these incoming folders. I immediately called IT and explained what I had done. The technician offered to do a restore from an hour prior which would then allow this folder to reappear.  YEAH!  The system restore commenced.  

An hour later when my computer restarted, all my settings, my set up, my programs GONE!!! Not only did I not have my Outlook folder back – my entire Outlook was gone. 

no negativeRecently, within the Master Key Experience course we introduced the process of the 7 Day Mental Diet.  I started over about 15 times within the next 30 minutes. After this “short” time I managed to realign my thoughts. The 2nd technician confirmed the programs were all gone but my documents remained. He could not find anything which looked like Outlook email files. My heart dropped into my stomach. Again??

Knowing we needed to get up in 4 hours to see Gregory off on his first school trip (the bus was due to leave at 4 am), I decided to wait till the following day to continue the attempt at recovery. I asked Walter whether he thought it was possible the outlook files could materialize between now and tomorrow. He wholeheartedly stated yes!  I read week 8’s Master Key, sat for 15 minutes and went to bed with the matra of “I greet this day, my challenges and my computer with love in my heart.”  I know what we think about becomes our reality. 

the crumbling boxAfter 4 hours online with the 3rd technician, we had downloaded the Microsoft Office suite of programs AND my email folder was found.  I am grateful for the ability to pull out all the tools at my disposal because of the Master Key Experience.  Had this happened prior to what I have learned in this course….well, I won’t even share what the “old me” would have done (would not have been a pretty sight – LOL).

Approaching this obstacle again has reminded me further action must be taken (ie: cloud storage back up).  It has also reminded me to realign what is important. I mentally ran through what I may have lost and realized only one thing could have had significant impact and I had (only days prior) created a printed version of those emails. Whew! 

During last Sunday’s webcast, the staff spoke about changing how we proceed through each situation of the day. To go from a reactionary state of “stimulus – response” to a state of awareness “stimulus-CHOICE-response”.  I have the power to influence my thoughts, my actions, my reactions.  I did. Thank you for taking time to read a glimpse into my continued journey of self-discovery.


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